Settler Violence and Ethnic Cleansing: Mahmoud Abbas at the UN on What Israel is doing to the Palestinians

Mahmoud Abbas complains of Israeli settler colonialism in the Palestinian West Bank and warns of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem. The speech, at the UN General Assembly, did not get the same coverage on US television news, let us say, as that of Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu. All the time Netanyahu was in the US and on US media no one asked him about the flood of Israeli settlers into Palestinian territory or the attacks by militant Israeli settlers on Palestinian homes, farms, and mosques. Mahmoud Abbas honestly points out that such actions fuel violence on both sides.

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3 Responses

  1. Amazing isn’t it ? Without the occupation of Palestinian lands there could never have been a 911, thus no Afghan and Iraq wars among other disasters, millions killed, trillions wasted, and yet our MSM still hasn’t caught on that the occupation is the very heart of the so-called Jihad. End the occupation and the beast of terrorism will die.

  2. The key aspect of the Abbas speech is that the settler’s actions have the general support of the Netanyahu government.

    Without this approval these settlers could be evicted and prevented from returning.

    We saw how expensive and painful it was for Israel to uproot Jewish settlers once they constructed habitations in the Gaza Strip.

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