Top Ten Ways we are Better off than in January 2009

It is breathtaking impudence that Republicans should try to campaign on whether we are better off than were were in the last six months of the Bush administration. I can’t believe we are even arguing about this. Seriously? The country had fallen off a cliff in the last years of Bush, or rather had been pushed off one by GOP policies.

1. In January 2009 we lost 600,000 jobs. In 2008 over-all, we lost 2.6 million jobs, the most in 6 decades! We’re now adding over 100,000 jobs a month.

2. Home mortgage foreclosures had spiked 80% in 2008!

3. We were at war in Iraq in January, 2009, with 314 American troops killed in 2008 in what had become a fruitless quagmire launched on false pretexts in contravention of international law. The US military is out of Iraq, despite the lobbying of the Republican Party and elements in the Pentagon to try to stay there in the teeth of Iraqi opposition.

4. Usama Bin Laden, despite having killed over 3000 Americans on US soil, was still at large and actively plotting further attacks in the US. The Bush administration had closed down the CIA Bin Laden desk.

5. In January 2009, US new auto sales fell 37%, the most in decades, and for the first time China sold more cars than America. The major automobile companies were heading for bankruptcy. Obama turned all that around, in the teeth of opposition from people like Mitt Romney.

6. Non-hydro renewable energy only supplied 3% of American electricity; now it is nearly 6%, in large part because of Obama incentives. Green energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions and so helps decrease the worst effects of global warming, and its increases US energy inedependence.

7. Some 30 million Americans lacked basic health care insurance, who will now be covered, including large numbers of children.

8. Our country had betrayed its most basic values by torturing prisoners. Obama called a halt to water-boarding.

9. George W. Bush was president.

10. Dick Cheney was vice president!

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17 Responses

  1. In addition we have slogged through the residue from the Father Knows Best crowd and retained our humanity; we have at least 50% of the country still believing in working for social equality at home and abroad. We have learned how some of the major tools used by the free market finance industry were used to rip us off. We have 4 years of pent up actions waiting to be loosed upon our economy and not the economy of more of the same,.with more of all being sent upwards and not across the body politic. We have the choice of being led by a man who has been called every name in the book, disrespected and targeted as a failure, with smiles on his accusers faces and lies flung far and wide, yet he remains still engaged and optimistic enough to want to continue along the thankless path.
    We are better off, we have a choice between being told to, wink, wink, get the experiment out of the way and let us play with the common piggy bank once again, we need the stimulus.
    Or clear the obstacles and lets do what we know how to do and stop the hateful and embarrassing game that has been richly financed and loosed upon us.

  2. Great. But we’re still torturing people in secret prisons, killing innocents in drone strikes, secretly undermining governments with CIA all over the world, secret assassinations and other plots, surveillance state in America, no backbone with Israel thus prolonging a crisis in the Middle East, plotting sabotage and maybe even war against Iran, Arab Americans have no civil rights that are worth the paper they’re written on… and somebody else think of the other 10 million ways we’re not better while I take a break.

    • bam. …and streamlined-no-need-for-false-flag-attacks acts of war in pakistan, libya, syria, yemin, somalia, …

    • Well, the enormous debt overhang is a threat to all of us – as is the many others you enumerated. Perhaps the debt is the greatest threat because at a pace of 1 trillion per yr – it will reach 20trillion fairly soon.
      A non-compliant world community that refuses to purchase our worthless debt instruments will send the interest rates SKY HIGH (just as in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, etc) and sending what is left of the middle class – (whatever that term means now) off the cliff to poverty. Its likely the dollar will lose most of its value and that means all the pensions and 401k’s worthless.
      Obama is doing nothing that the Republicans are not doing in my opinion. He is just re-arranging the chairs on the Titantic so that when it sinks its prettier. But sink it will and i agree with all you said above.

      • The national debt isn’t that large in world terms, and the only structural elements driving it to increase dramatically are the Bush tax cuts, unfunded medicare drug benefits, and wars/ war department expenditures. All three can easily be reduced with sufficient political will. At 3% inflation the proportion of the debt to GDP would decrease over time thereafter. Obama’s stimulus was in the form of one-time payments and is not contributing to structural deficit.

        • Juan, i see what you mean about Obamas’ initial stimulus package not contributing to the deficit —- yet — i think it might be possible that we are understating the debt of the USA.
          It is measured – now at 16trillion. And with unfunded future costs to entitlements its much higher.
          But i think one think probably shouldn’t be overlooked. Perhaps you are correct Juan that by lowering Defense budget, ending the Bush tax cuts and Bush Medicare/unfunded legislation we can self-correct.
          I don’t think so. And the reason is twofold – 1)that i think we are too far in the hole 2)more importantly, we don’t have any growth. The manufacturing sector is DECREASING (and thats where the good paying jobs were). What the administration is crowing about is jobs created by the private sector. Well, we are losing public sector jobs that pay more. The private sector jobs are McDonalds/service industry ilk. The revenue is not, in my opinion, going to offset the current enormous debts and future costs to entitlements.
          Truthfully, i think the ship has sailed. I think the Titantic is going under. Radical i know, but how long can the Fed prop up the dollar? How low can interest rates go and for how long? And can they keep purchasing their debt instruments?
          One last thing – including health care, energy and food —- i think that inflation is well over 3%. Thanks for replying.

  3. 12. Bolton was Ambassador to the UN, which he had suggested should be blown up!

    But 9 and 10 are most classic. It is telling that last week at Tampa both Bu$h the Lesser and the Evil Dickhead Cheney were milk carton material…..the Repubs aren’t dumb enough to risk reminding folks of the first eight years of the millennium.

    • Amen………the Republicans want the entire public to have the same timeless amnesia they do about ALL their past president up to and ending before Eisenhower, who was their last decent, honest and wise president.

  4. Really…..looking at things as objectively as possible….THE GOP HAS NOTHING.

    What can they do?

    1) Inflame the base, who are beyond rationality and at an underlying level, racist, selling a vision of an America which never was to people who feed off hatred and resentment for those trying to make a better and more inclusive society.

    2) Disgust the independents and centrists by the dirtiest campaign you can muster. Your first move should be to accuse the Demo’s of doing PRECISELY what you intend to do, spreading confusion and blurring distinctions. Lost undecided Demo votes will be added to those already lost on the disenchanted left.

    Keep in mind, that with the current political stratification, there are a handful of states that are nominally “toss-ups,” and within them a couple dozen precincts that may tell the tale.

    Objectively, it’s not a bad strategy, given the GOP has absolutely so little else to work with and it plays into Romney’s 3:1 spending advantage, so we can expect the dirtiest sort of media carpet-bombing in the following weeks. Obama will have no choice but to respond in kind, to the extent he can, or loose big.

    In any case,

    — If Obama squeaks it out, he stands to do so in the electoral college, and don’t expect the GOP to let it go like Gore did.
    — The Demos can write-off the Senate.

  5. It’s all part of the Big Lie, of course. But what really worried me, as I listened to Democrat after Democrat (and the occasional Republican) speak on (no ads! no talking heads!) was People are going to wonder, why is this the first time we’ve heard any of this?

    No kidding – the Obama administration and its surrogates and fellow Dems have been disturbingly modest and reticent for the last 4 years. Sometimes they had good reason to be – but they even ended up underplaying the “big [frackin’] deal!” of the ACA.

    So, the few Americans watching the convention, or snippets of it, will wonder where all these claims are coming from. It’s like nothing they’ve ever heard in the media prior to this point. Who are the Democrats trying to kid?

    Whereas, all the death panels – hate Obama – birth certificate – failure failure failure DEFICIT!!! that came out of the Republican Convention merely reprises four years of the daily news. So who ya gonna believe?

    • “Democrats…have been disturbingly modest and reticent..’ You are much too kind. They’ve abdicated the national narrative to Republicans. Obama should have fired the whole communications and most of the political staff when Emanuel (part of the problem) left. I have a special hatred for politicians like Dukokis who betray their supporters by letting a 14 point lead evaporate and for an administration that couldn’t figure out how to take credit for what they did. It is really the worst thing about Obama’s governance.

    • “Why” indeed.

      Is it a plot, communication incompetence, or is it somehow fate?

      At the local gym they have a series of TVs I can switch between. Daytime coverage of the Demo convention was remarkable and maybe illustrative:

      FOX, was predictably attacking every word being said; and the crawl they ran when they couldn’t talk over whomever couldn’t have been scripted better by Karl Rove . CNN, was doing the SAME THING, in apparent(?) atonement for having given Ryan such a blatant pass the week before.

      They/We could go through the issues chapter and verse, and highlight in a fair way the many shortcomings of Obama, but that’s what they were–shortcomings, where he didn’t solve all our problems and in the eyes of many compromised needlessly.

      But what does the GOP have? NOTHING. These guys have got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    • People are going to wonder, why is this the first time we’ve heard any of this?

      It isn’t. The administration has been pushing exactly this message for years. Perhaps you haven’t been listening?

      Or, perhaps, it’s easy to get one’s message across when the economy isn’t in catastrophic shape.

  6. 13. The stock market, the constituent of most IRA’s and 401k’s, has soared over this period.

  7. Only problem is that the rule of law has been destroyed under Obama. Now any American can be declared a terrorist, locked up, and have the key thrown away (NDAA).

    But banksters, oil companies, defense contractors, and other powerful groups can look forward to a future free of any prosecution. Now banks can take down the economy without fear. Oil companies can pollute the oceans without fear. And defense contractors can defraud the government without fear.

    Some president!

  8. calm down.
    Tweedledee has no chance of pulling off an upset.
    Tweedledum will get 4 more years to continue his imitation of GW Bush.

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