Colbert Report: Romney gives Americans ‘Vague, Long-winded Threats’ as Foreign Policy (Video)

Stephen Colbert reviews Mitt Romney’s speech on foreign policy and concludes that he knows what Americans want: Vague, long-winded threats and “four more wars.”

Colbert also points out the danger of Iran, which is ‘days from having an atomic bomb,’ and ‘has been for years.’ He formally puts Tehran ‘on notice.’

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4 Responses

  1. I am sad that despite strenuous efforts, I have never been able to get the Flash Upgrade, so can no longer watch Colbert. What are you supposed to do when the instructions are followed with no result???

  2. I enjoyed the video!

    Although in real terms there is little difference between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama. They both believe in “bad terrorists” (theirs) and “good terrorists” (ours), good weapons (ours) and bad weapons (theirs), and so on! Where do you stand?

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