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  1. Glenn Greenwald on the debate.

    link to guardian.co.uk

    But better than this is his put down of the debate moderator. Public Broadcasting System has fallen down over the years and now is part of the insider consensus in Washington. Hiding under the banner of “objectivity” the pundits only provide a landscape of the political parties back and forth, but leave out the most important issues. Greenwald has argued for some time that there is a bipartisan agreement on the most important issues, like war.

    link to guardian.co.uk

    I was out for a week and this might have been already posted. I am sorry if it was discussed already, but it is worth it to post just in case you missed it. It got over 1200 comments. Greenwald on the effect of sanctions on Iran causing death and economic disruption. In his final update he asks if sanctions are not themselves terrorism. Since this column involved Israel, it got the usual suspects commenting on it.

    link to guardian.co.uk

  2. It’s been a while since I saw that much open contempt for the masses. Even 47% speech seemed less insulted than that carry on.

    There are credible arguments for the ‘voting against their interest’ thesis, but those two expressed so much blatant contempt that even I feel offended and my political flag has waving in the same winds for as long as I’ve watched politics.

    It’s as though they fail to understand that people cast their votes in line with their own prerogatives, and not necessarily in accordance to their own priorities.

    An uncrossable line for some, is an acceptable disappointment that allows for the advancement of more highly prized agenda for others.

    Like for instance, tolerating drone strikes and civil rights infringements because of the belief that the other side will start a ruinous war with disastrous consequences if they win the next election

  3. Not to minimize the tragedy of the deaths of those fine people, but Libya-Benghazi is the Quemoy & Matsu of this election.

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