Jon Stewart: Romney/ Bain record on Picking Winners much Worse than Obama’s

Wherein Jon Stewart of the Daily Show on Comedy Central examines the proposition that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital can pick winners and losers among investment prospects better than Obama and the Federal government. Turns out, not so much.


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Picking Winners & Losers
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8 Responses

  1. Jon Stewart is, at times, amusing, but his ultimate societal purpose (paid for by Viacom) is to channel popular anger into voting Democrat; that’s far from being subversive, in fact, it’s precisely the opposite! ’tis a shame to see good people turn to shills..

  2. From Bain’s point of view, most of the 22% were winners: Bain had sucked its profits out of the businesses before turning them loose to go bankrupt.

  3. When I watched this Thursday night I noticed that Jon should have emphasized that 8% of Bain’s investments were a total loss whereas 8% of the government’s investments will return some (or all) from reorganization/liquidation.

    For Jean-Louis above, your verdict is simply wrong and Jon Stewart would gladly correct you – you would know this if you really knew anything about this man and/or if you had ever heard him speak about his show.

    • @Draftedin68: I only leave informed comments (you can blindly take my word for it as you would Jon’s LOL).

  4. Jon Stewart makes a very silly comparison.

    Two things are clear, Jon and Juan dislike Romney and do not know a lot about finance.

    Stewart is comparing subsidies to energy firms or projects that are viable and not in trouble at the time they take the money, with investments in restructuring bankrupted or almost bankrupted firms.

    Stewart is comparing apples to oranges.

  5. Either the same evening or the one before, Jon Stewart did a remarkable distillation of the RomneyRyan approach to a woman’s giving birth: If she wants to do it via in vitro, she can’t. If she’s made pregnant via rape, she must. That anyone with a modicum of basic humanity would vote for RR stupefies me.

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