Lyon: CNN censored Ahmadinejad, engaged in War Propaganda

Amber Lyon, Emmy-award-winning journalist who has worked for CNN, alleges to RT that the network left out Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s calls for peace and an alternative world order when it covered his UN speech.

She goes on to allege that CNN deep-sixed her documentary on Bahrain, possibly because CNN packages PR programming *for* the Bahraini government.

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5 Responses

  1. I’m not surprised. It has been the practice of our news media to distort or interpret everything that Ahmedinejad says as being fanatical in order to demonize him. If you don’t do this you are automatically labeled as being anti-Semitic and that label is a sentence worse than death in our society for one’s career.

  2. Isn’t this just like America of today. Just pretend it never happened, the rest of our cohorts will play right along.
    I guess we all live in a dark place where we are intentionally and repeatedly dumbed down to be idiots.
    And most of us believe the bs??? We are idiots??
    Keep exposing! Go Bradley Manning!

  3. There does seem to be selective reporting going on and a picture Big Media in general wants to portray. But on the West’s perspective lie multiple countries like in Europe who can get something up on line or things reported. -East is contrary power more center. But Arctic is melting and Earth is heating up in an acceleration indicating runaway straight up by mid century most likely. As things are and if justice is as is, Earth will die with all life going away. Only by what amounts to a quantum shift in thinking can enterprise be brought to bear. There is no room for East and West. Either all nations work together for common goal or the planet dies.

  4. But Charlie Rose did a nice interview on Bloomberg TV which we in Basel Switzerland could see. It was favorable to the Iranian leader and allowed him to speak for himself.

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