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  1. The absolute and utter ignorance (not to mention danger) of those on the Fundamentalist Christian Right, particularly on religious and social issues, matches that of the Fundamentalist Islamic Right. They are today’s version of Gog and Magog: The subjugation of women; the belief in when life does or doesn’t begin, or when life is “breathed” into a fetus; the Earth 6,000 to 9,000 years old; the denial of Evolution and Natural Selection; the common belief that every word of the Bible or Qur’an is true; and the list goes on.

    Fundamentalist Christians and Fundamentalist Muslims should, together, be walled up behind impenetrable walls, as was Gog and Magog in the old 12th and 13th century legends, and kept there by a modern version of Prester John. Were there only a Prester John today to spare us the ignorance and venom spewing from these religious zealots.

  2. Whatever happened to “If you don’t play the game, you don’t get to write the rules”?

  3. wonderful collection of those who know better. and American men and women will continue to vote those “kind” into power.

    ask and ye shall receive. more bread and circuses.

    bringing religion into politics/state has such “wonderful” consequences. i wonder if women really believe these men. enough to vote for them. or their religion to follow such “beliefs.” if so, we deserve to go back in time to the Dark Ages. looks like we have made great strides this way since the Republicans and their St. Reagan brought the Christian Right into American Government. Yet i always hear about how “bad” Government is from the Right. Really confusing when i hear what they say and follow what they do.

    willfull ignorance is such an amazing “reality.”

    • I’ve spent a lot of time trying to nail down exactly how the Dark Ages functioned. I think that an important fact about it is that it made the leading families of the realm BOTH the owners of the commanding heights of the economy (big estates) and the only persons who could fill important positions in government. This was true in all aristocratic systems, but it is only de facto true in modern poor capitalist countries, because unequal wealth still directly buys control of government instead of it being converted to the legal status of hereditary office.

      In all of these societies, you have to put quotation marks around words like “government”, “business”, or “size”, because the aristocracy controls all others by both public and private institutions. Add in the fact of the Catholic Church being a primary landowner in many of these societies, and the cross-pollination between the aristocracy and clergy, and the former’s financing of the latter, and you have the conservative dream of small government: the sovereign is merely first among the owning class, who “limit” his power so as to preserve their own depraved mini-tyrannies over the masses assuaged by a complicit religion applying token charity.

      So these arrangements are now being updated for America, but we don’t know the details, or whether our owners even have the slightest comprehension of the forces they are unleashing. I agree, though, that at the end of it we will have a Dark Age.

  4. I am sure each of these upstanding gentlemen would react with absolute equanimity in the awful case of one of their wives or daughters conceiving a child through rape.

  5. Please, Juan, when you post something like this, give us another video or message to allow us to recuperate our sanity or loss of hope.

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