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  1. Children were treated with respect and kindness by Mr Rodgers.
    The illusion of the world was held within what they could grasp and a feeling of safety and of things being all right in the world. Of adults really caring about the kids and of big issues of the world..
    Not the Romney world of global warming punch line of sea rise.
    Mr Rodgers’ house is on fire as the coat of arms of Romney is.
    The posts up at Arctic News blog right now have me walking in circles and wondering what to say, how to respond to this now.
    There are some pretty big things happening with Earth genocide
    A fire is burning and out of control and firemen are disabled.

  2. A cartoonist might return to the image of a Mr. Rogers carving up a “Big Bird” on Thanksgiving while remarking how little meat was on the bones. I recall something of such from previous campaigns going back to Reagan, or G.H.W.Bush, and I
    remember that Conservative voters match almost evenly Liberal voters favoring PBS at about 57%. J.S.L.

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