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  1. (From a conversation with former Undersecretary of Dept. of Energy)

    About 50% of home energy cost goes to heating water. that’s low tech. If we had leadership, this would have been dealt with.

    • This number is either wildly out of date, or just flat out wrong. I know my hot water costs are ~20/month (summer gas bills) and my total utility bills are 150-200/month (gas and electric). That puts it at most 15%. With a much larger family, maybe it would reach 25% max.

  2. That Herman Sheer (sp?) looks like an interesting guy; he’s smart because he anticipates the problems (34min). I’ve never heard of 100% energy through renewables. I’ve been reading about Boone Pickens and his wind energy plan which at most will cover 20% (“the US is the Saudi Arabia of Wind Energy”). In the 70’s, we lived in a solar house which didn’t impress me, but like one of the spokesmen says, solar has come a long way ($30/unit of energy to $3 now).

    also: Jordanian officials always impress me(32min). I didn’t know they will take part in Desertec. The EU and the Sahara desert I’ve come across in EU brochures.

    Thanks Dr. Cole for posting another interesting video (wouldn’t have found it on my own). -T.

  3. Prof Cole. This is the kind of ‘hope for humanity ‘ news pieces we do often search for but rarely come across. Thank you!
    May I suggest linking to social media such as Facebook , so I and others can spread the joy?

    • It says a lot about the nature of our problems that the only hope for humanity is to scrap various of our existing technological systems – and thus the existing elites that own and operate them. In his book “American Theocracy”, Kevin Phillips proposed that societies that attain great power via a particular energy source eventually rebuild their culture around that source, such that they can’t move forward on more advanced alternatives until their competitors have already ruined them:

      Netherlands – wind & sail power
      Britain – coal
      USA – petroleum

  4. I’ve got an idea: fusion power! I say we build a supermassive hydrogen fusion generator at say, 1AU distance from earth and fire that puppy up. By my calculations, that should provide more power than we will ever use for the next few billion years. Then, all we have to do is build collectors for the power here on earth and reap the nearly limitless free energy for virtually all eternity.

    If that sounds too good to be true, well just think that that supermassive, ultra powerful fusion generator is already built and it’s up and running right now. All we have to do is build the collectors!

    Solar power IS fusion power, except nature already built the power plant for us!

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