Gaza: Israeli Rightists Propose Cutting Water, Electricity, but oppose ground op (OSC)

The USG Open Source Center summarizes the Israeli press on the inadvisability of a ground assault on Gaza, and right-wing suggestions for alternatives such as cutting off water and electricity to the Gaza Strip. The latter proposal was also made by Gilad Sharon, son of the former prime minister, who said that Gaza should be “flattened” like Hiroshima in WW II. Last weekend, Israeli deputy prime minister Eli Yishai, said: “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Only then will Israel be calm for forty years.”

Israeli Press Opposes Ground Op, Rightist Writers Propose Alternate Measures
Israel — OSC Summary
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 …
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Israel’s media on 20 November offers various views on the preferable course of action in Gaza. Almost all writers oppose a ground operation, with leftist and centrist writers saying it won’t yield any benefits, and that the United States believes the time has come to end the Israeli offensive. Meanwhile, rightist writers call for various measures, including cutting off Gaza’s water supply and toppling HAMAS if an end to rocket fire isn’t ensured…

Ground Assault Won’t Yield ‘Any Benefit’

“Fear and Calculations” by Nahum Barne’a on page 3 of Yedi’ot Aharonot says: “Netanyahu would do well if he were to take the famous advice that US Senator Aiken gave to the President during the Vietnam War: Declare victory and get out. Instead, Netanyahu is holding thousands of soldiers near the border fence, prepared for a ground assault that he knows won’t yield any benefit.” Barne’a concludes: “Israelis need to be told the truth: Despite the enormous financial investment in bombing Gaza and in rocket defense, despite the excellent intelligence, precise air strikes, and interceptions, and despite the assassination of some 60 commanders in the various organizations, Israel won’t defeat HAMAS in this round.” (Tel Aviv Yedi’ot Aharonot in Hebrew — Independent, centrist, second-largest circulation daily)

US Believes Time To End Gaza War
“Booby Trapped” by Alex Fishman on page 2 of Yedi’ot Aharonot says: “An analysis conducted by the White House concluded that neither Israel nor HAMAS stand to gain anything further, even if the military activity continues. Both sides have exhausted their potential. Any more steps will only get them into trouble, and worse: It will get the status of the United States in the region into trouble, it will undermine government stability in Jordan, and it will intensify the pressure on Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi. In short, according to the US assessment, the hourglass of the war has run out.”

Israel Should Weaken HAMAS, Support Palestinian UN Bid
“Sticking Our Head in the Gaza Sand” by Sever Plocker on page 21 of Yedi’ot Aharonot says: “Israel’s supreme national interest is to weaken, weaken and weaken HAMAS, to prevent it from gaining legitimacy, to rip it away from its power base, and to present it as an organization that does not represent the true aspirations of the Palestinian people. That is why, along with unequivocally rejecting any arrangement with HAMAS that does not grant complete security to the communities of southern Israel and in addition to any additional large-scale military operation against the HAMAS army, the Israeli government should (have) announced to the world its active support for the PA’s initiative to receive the status of non-member state at the United Nations. Such a decision, in contrast to the impression created by Israeli propaganda, is not bad for Israel. It is to Israel’s historic benefit; it would bolster the idea of two states for two peoples.”…

Israel Should Cut Gaza’s Electricity, Water Supply
‘Pull the Plug” by Er’el Segal on page 3 of Ma’ariv says: “Is there any reasonable person who can understand and explain why Israel, at a time in which its cities are being shelled, continues to supply Gaza with electricity and water? Has the time not arrived, before we put the lives of our soldiers at risk in a ground operation, to pull the plug?” Segal concludes: “Anyone who thinks he can play an elegant game of chess against bloodthirsty barbarians is mistaken. The game in our neighborhood is backgammon. If you touch a piece, you’ve got to move it. There’s no going back.” (Tel Aviv Ma’ariv in Hebrew — Independent, centrist, third-largest circulation daily)

No Rush To End Gaza Op Before Situation ‘Ripe’ for Agreement
“This Isn’t the Time” by Amnon Lord on page 4 of Ma’ariv says: “Netanyahu should keep pressing, even if HAMAS indicates that it’s very interested in a cease-fire, but not get into something (a ground operation) that some people would very much want him to get into. There should be no rush in ending the Pillar of Defense affair. We’re in control of the situation and are gradually eliminating Gaza’s attack capabilities, yet should the situation be ripe for some kind of agreement, we must immediately end this odd clash.”

Israel Must Topple HAMAS Unless ‘Complete End’ to Rocket Fire Ensured
“Only Agree to Real Cease-Fire” by Asaf Golan on page 10 of Maqor Rishon says: “Forgoing a ground operation should only be acceptable to Israel if the new lull agreement with terror groups, headed by HAMAS, would indeed ensure a complete end to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Only this kind of agreement would indeed make a ground operation unnecessary, assuming it’s premised on the creation of a new situation on the ground. Without such diplomatic agreement, Israel must not forgo a conquest of the Strip this time around and the physical eradication of the terror groups there.” (Jerusalem Maqor Rishon in Hebrew — right-of-center daily)

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  1. The U.S. says it is time to END the Gaza WAR. Ironic that most Americans say it is time to end the WAR in Afghanistan, which is, of course, in it’s 11th year, and we never belonged there to begin with. Go figure.

  2. There’s water and electricity running that frequently in Gaza that any cut off would have impact??? The Right once again outdoes itself in silly comments; funny how eerily similar it sounds to the malarkey our neocons blubber

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