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  1. Hey, he got at least 15%. Sobbing all the way to the bank.

    He’s all right, Jack. The country, however, faces four more years of rule by a feckless egomaniac and his coterie.

  2. Unfortunately, although the cartoon is gratifying, it’s not accurate at all. All that money serves to keep the most visible of our potentially progressive leaders away from the progressive stances that may be necessary to maintain a healthy republic. The money and the ads they buy promises progressives that, should they push just a little bit too far away from ‘the middle,’ they will be vigorously attacked as radicals. And it will cost them, dearly. It’s astounding that a vulture capitalist, who would not reveal his tax returns, and who declared, in a frank moment, utter disdain for about half of the American people, essentially those who did not start out in life with considerable trust funds backing up their get-richer-at-any-cost business endeavors, came very close to becoming the President of the United States. Now, as a result, ‘the new normal’ in political dialogue includes massively overfunding the already bloated military establishment, ostracizing the poor to middle class as self-designated ‘victims’ ungratefully living off of the good graces of the rich, and the slow strangling of the civilian federal government through under-taxation. Mr. Rove knows fully well that he has earned his keep.

  3. I think he got more than that tee shirt. It would have been funnier if Adelson or one of the Kochs was wearing the tee shirt.

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