Palestinian Civilians imperiled as 500 Israeli Strikes hit Gaza (Democracy Now!)

Democracy Now! report: “”Nowhere to Run”: Israel Fires Over 500 Strikes in Gaza, Civilian Toll Grows in Humanitarian Crisis

From the transcript:

“MOHAMMED OMER: You’re welcome, Amy.

Well, let me start with the last—I’m right now in Khan Younis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli F-16 missile just fired at least two missiles, killing one person, and the person was—just arrived to the hospital, Nasser Hospital, at the moment. And he was identified as Ismail Kandil, 24-year-old. That brings the number of the air strikes in the last three days to 502 air strikes. This means—this resulted in the killing of 23 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and over 230 people who are injured.

One thing that we ought to talk about here is the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. This is—this is a situation of targeting a population of civilians, exactly like Israel is shooting in a fishbowl. And there is no bunker—or, there is no shelter, and there is nowhere to run for the general population. Gaza is living in a very dire situation. The U.N. has decided to shut all the schools tomorrow, as well as the Ministry of Education and Higher Education called all the university not to open tomorrow. Gaza hospitals announced the need for medical supplies and medical stocks. I was just speaking to a number of doctors at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, and they announced that they are in bad need for 192 types of medicines that are not available in the stocks of the Ministry of Health or the hospitals. There is also the need for 450 items of medical supplies, or what they call disposable medical items. If these needs are not met by the next day or two, there will be a big humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

The situation is deteriorating in the Gaza Strip. The target is indeed civilians. The last one was Haneen Tafesh, a 10-month baby child who was killed by any Israeli missile. The missiles are falling at the moment, as I speak to you. And as breaking news coming out from the medical crew next to me, the F-16s are targeting the beach camp in the east of Gaza City at the moment. The Israeli army, or the Israeli F-16s, at the moment, they are targeting the beach camp in the west of Gaza City at the moment. That’s the breaking news, and it’s happening as we speak at the moment.”

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  1. The major issue being discussed now is the potential political fallout that PM Netanyahu may sustain over the rocket attacks on Tel Aviv. As of yet no rocket has landed in Tel Aviv proper however its residents have heard the nearby explosions and were forced to take cover after sirens were activated. Several missiles went into the Mediteranean Sea ad one landed in a field in a nearby community. Bibi himself was in a Defense Ministry building in Tel Aviv when sirens sounded.

    The missile attacks in Northern Israel that caused 2 million Israelis to hide in bomb shelters in the 2006 Second Lebanon War were a major embarrassment to the Ehud Olmert government and were a factor that hastended the resignation of IDF and Defense Ministry officials.

    The IDF offensive could backfire on the current Israeli government if Hamas missiles cause major disruption and damage to Tel Aviv during an extended conflict.

    • Or maybe just to an excuse for more of the lead-casting same. Seems the Likudniks have done a better job of winding up the machinery of jingoism and racism this time around. Just check out the local news and front pages in Israel… link to

    • Indeed. The 500 missiles Israel had fired into Gaza in those three days are more than all of the American drone strikes in every country in the world since the first drone launched the first rocket over a decade ago.

      Then again, “swatting flies” is not what the Israelis are trying to do.

  2. BBC just reported that the rocket Hamas tried to hit Jerusalme with was fired from very close to th BBC office. The reporter saw it go up. So Isreal is right- Hamas IS shooting from behind civilians. Doesn’t that invite response and make Hamas responsible for Gaza casualties?

    • Let’s always bear in mind three categorical truths to ensure that there is no confusion between victim and victimizer:
      1. Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian land;
      2. Occupied people have the legal right to resist occupation; and,
      3. Palestinians are the only occupied people to suffer international sanctions (while Israel enjoys significant economic, military and diplomatic support from powerful states.

      Remember that Israel has a long history of using violence to avoid negotiations to end the Occupation. For example,
      Ariel “Sharon and his top advisors said…that the [2005] Gaza evacuation was meant not to create a Palestinian state, but to forestall one. By 2004, the second intifada had fizzled, Arafat was dead, and America’s sequel to Oslo, the Road Map, was going nowhere. Into the breach came two initiatives. The first was the offer, drafted by Saudi Arabia and endorsed by the entire Arab League, to recognize Israel if it returned to the 1967 lines and negotiated a ‘just’ and ‘agreed upon’ solution for the Palestinian refugees. The second was the Geneva Accord, a model peace agreement signed by former Israeli and Palestinian negotiators that would have required Israel to dismantle major settlements like Ariel. These moves terrified Sharon, a lifelong opponent of a Palestinian state who feared international pressure to agree to the kind of deal that Clinton has proposed in December 2000.”

      It is clear that Hamas (not Salafi extremists) are ready to deal. This “terrifies” supporters of Greater Israel.
      link to

      • This is a dodge. Are any of those points supposed to make the use of human shields in violation of Geneva legal or moral? Or are you changing the subject entirely?

        “But they’re the good guys/victims,” even if true, is not an answer to the question.

      • In fact, Jabo, it’s the same dodge that Darmendar uses in his comment.

        Pointing out the righteous awesomeness of you cassus belli does not give you the right to violate international law in the prosecution of a war, and that is exactly what both of you argue.

  3. The US has provided Israel over $8 Billion worth of air defense weapons. The entire budget for “Iron Dome” came from the US.
    How are ANY missiles getting through, especially “dumb” ballistic) ones ?

    • Maybe that ought to be an invitation to look at the whole realm of Smart Weaponry and military “intelligence” — look up “military fails” on youtube for a fun assortment of real-world performance of all those high-tech game-changers that aren’t. Ever since de Seversky (and that Sun Tzu of animation, Walt Disney, link to peddled the notion of “Victory Through Air Power,” the MIC across the planet has been selling sugarplum fairies to gullible taxpayers and kleptocrats. (Yes, Hellfires usually do ignite and blow something up, but watch those youtube “military fail” videos for what very often happens, and do a little research on “friendly fire” deaths — the myths of competence and effectiveness are hugely overblown.) And we might recall that those expensive “Patriot” missiles actually were not so very successful back in the day of Gulf War I, contrary to Raytheon’s and the War Department’s hype. There’s a long tradition of both fiscal and performance fraud in all those grotesquely expensive procurement programs (sold, not very gracefully, as “jobs programs,” like the F-22 and F-35.)

      When are we ordinary humans, busily creating real wealth out of real labor and stuff that actually works, going to figure out how thoroughly we are being “had” by the Powers That Be? The constant BS of “We need more money!” from the shites who run the Pentagram needs to be given more exposure and truth-testing.

  4. Doesn’t that invite response? – Yes

    .. and make Hamas responsible for Gaza casualties? – No. The Israeli government is responsible for its own actions.

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