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      • Point taken! I live in Australia, but even here we’re sick of the whole business. I can understand anyone being reduced to tears by it, but I was curious about what might have affected one so young.

  1. I don’t live in s swing state but in a country where an election lasts one month every three years. After the world’s longest election in the Western country with the greatest number of possible candidates, the Americans finally choose George W Bush. Twice!

    That is hardly a ringing endorsement of your electoral system.

  2. Poor little girl. She’s not alone, but the real culprits in this whole ghastly overdone circus are the unremitting TV and radio ads and the political mudslinging. Why cannot we limit the procedure to the six weeks before an election and FORBID all campaign advertising until that period?

  3. I believe this is the same little girl that cried profusely because she wanted to be governor of some state. I do believe her mother should be charged with child abuse.

  4. With all due respect, i dont’ think this should have been displayed. The child was ‘taught’ to be upset.

    How would she have heard of the phrase ‘Bronco Bama’?

    Fact is, i think this is rather cruel…i actually think the child was coached to be unhappy – why would any kid be so upset about a campaign? I suppose if the parents are argueing about it and use these names for Obama/Romney – but that is THEIR fault – not the political system…. i am not justifying the political system and its length of time either……just my opinion..

    • I’m not sure. I know a number of kids who can’t stand when the grown-ups talk about politics. They see aggression on the part of adults and direct interference in their lives of Micky Mouse, pirates, and princesses. Plus, this little girl’s tears look real. Although, the pat response of the adult does make me wonder…..

  5. That little girl is going to be really disappointed with her Mom when she finds out that elections and their annoying ads will resume in about a year as we gear up for 2014 mid-terms.

    But she will have to take this in stride along with learning that there is no Santa Clause either.

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