How the UN’s ITU could take over and destroy Internet freedoms this December (Video)

How the UN’s International Telecommunications Union may take over governance of the internet and threaten freedom of expression:

The ITU, by the way, held its 2005 conference on internet freedom in the Tunis of dictator Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, and couldn’t be dissuaded from giving him this unwarranted vote of confidence. A friend of mine was badly beaten up at a demonstration against the conference in Tunis.

Wired has a good report on the controversy.

Here’s a site for the grassroots campaign against this move.

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  1. if ITU can take over and restrict the Internet that is built on several corporate-owned backbones (c.f., UUNet,)
    then where’s the genius who is going to develop the successor architecture based on a mesh (no critical nodes) structure ?

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