Israel’s Apartheid Deepens (Cole at Truthdig)

My essay on the aftermath of the Gaza conflict is out in Truthdig; it is entitled “Israel’s Apartheid Deepens, Along With Its Global Isolation”


“Building a new, large settlement in the E-1 area between west Jerusalem and the big settlement of Maale Adumim just nine miles from the Dead Sea border with Jordan would virtually slice the West Bank in two, making a contiguous Palestinian state impossible. The West Bank was already carved up by checkpoints and highways (some Jewish-only) into a set of tiny Bantustans. But now the whole territory is to be sundered, just as Solomon offered to cut the disputed newborn in two.

That Netanyahu and his partners intended to make a Palestinian state impossible was never in doubt, but their boldness in pressing forward to implement this plan has shocked the capitals of Europe. In response to the announcement about E-1, the British and French foreign ministries took the unusual step of summoning their Israeli ambassadors for a dressing-down, and there were rumors that they were considering withdrawing their own ambassadors from the country.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague was reportedly furious at Netanyahu, feeling betrayed because he had expended a great deal of political capital on behalf of Israel in opposing “observer state” status for Palestine. French President Francois Hollande warned Israel that this proposal was not the way forward to peace, but denied that he was considering sanctions against the nation. That anyone even asked such a question, however, is a sign of the incredible shift in world opinion against Israel’s policies.

The public pressure on European governments for some sort of sanctions in response to apartheid policies will only grow.”

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  1. Israel could put all these accusations of apartheid to rest by making the new housing open to all; Jews and Palestinians! (Not holding my breath on that one.)

  2. “Israel’s Apartheid Deepens, Along With Its Global Isolation”


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    “British Prime Minister David Cameron announced the creation of a “tech envoy to Israel” as part of a move to encourage further co-ordination between the two countries.”

  3. The fallout from Ariel Sharon’s endorsement of the settlement colonies in Gaza fueled the rise of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and armed resistance against the IDF and some beautiful and well-developed Jewish settlemnts, such as Gush Katif were demolished at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of settler compensation when Israel disengaged from Gaza militarily in 2005.

    As the lessons of Gaza taught Israel, settlement activity can be reversible and will generate resistance and nationalistic fervor against Israel by West Bank Palestinians.

    I cannot see any reason why the Palestinian Authority is left with any immediate peaceful recourse except to petition the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute violations of international law.

    • USA surely helps get immunity and impunity for Israel and its leaders. No question. And the failure of EU and others to act may be due in large part to USA pressure (as well as to laziness, economic ties, and AIPAC-like political pressure activity).

      However, IMO all that is needed to reverse the occupation (and end the settlements and so forth) is for a sufficient number of countries to make clear law-based and human-rights-based demands (removal of all settlers and dismantling of the wall and of all settlements has long seemed to be the proper demand) and then to seek to enforce their demands by (preferably concerted) sanction activity.

      But the key is ACTION. Israel has shown for 64 years that it knows that “talk is cheap” and it has never responded to what I call “mere words”. Read UNSC 465 (1980), an example of the UNSC saying the right things but as “mere words”, that is, without enforcement sanctions.

      • The key here is that Israel’s economic ties are very different than its political ties. America supplies Israel with ambition, arrogance and impunity, but not oil. Israel exports creepy military and police-state technology to America and other countries, but otherwise it trades to the Mediterranean world, where it has run out of friends.

  4. “they have aggressively constructed Israeli housing projects on Palestinian land around Jerusalem, encircling the city to the west.” Do you mean “east”, Juan?

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