Palestinians Boisterously Celebrate the UNGA Vote, Raising the Sign of “194” (OSC)

The USG Open Source Center carries summaries of Arabic news reports from Palestinian wire services on the reaction of the Palestinians on Friday to Thursday’s United Nations General Assembly vote granting Palestine “Observer State” status.

Palestinian media on 29 and 30 November report on Palestinian reactions to the “victory’ the Palestinians scored at the UN General Assembly after the assembly voted in favor of Palestine getting the status of a UN non observer state….

Palestinians in Jerusalem, Other West Bank Cities Celebrate UN ‘Victory’ WAFA

in Arabic at 0608 GMT on 30 November carries a report saying that “the Jerusalem inhabitants pursued their festivities in celebration of the Palestinian victory at the United Nations until the early hours on Friday by holding marches through the streets and the surrounding villages in and outside the racist wall of separation and expansion around the holy city.” The report adds that hundreds of citizens left for Ramallah on Thursday evening to participate in the celebrations that were held there on “the Palestinian victory in the international forum.” The report also says that the Israeli forces “beefed up their presence in Jerusalem on Friday morning in the midst of fears that the occupation forces will impose restrictions on the arrival of worshippers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque” to prevent any demonstrations after Friday prayers to “celebrate the Palestinian victory at the United Nations.”…

Palestinians in Ramallah Celebrate UN General Assembly Vote on Palestinian State Bethlehem-based Independent Ma’an News Agency

in Arabic at 0543 GMT on 30 November carries a report on the celebrations held in Ramallah during President Mahmud Abbas’s speech at the UN General Assembly and when the vote ended giving Palestine the status of a UN non member observer state. The report says that Palestinians drove their cars through the streets carrying Palestinian flags and blowing the horns of their cars until dawn in celebration of the UN General Assembly vote. The report cites Palestinian citizens as saying the vote “is an international referendum on the Palestinian people’s natural right to have a state and on the fairness of the Palestinian cause.” The report adds a huge television screen was mounted at the Martyr Yasir Arafat Square in Ramallah where passersby stopped to watch Abbas delivering his UN speech. The report says that the Palestinian citizens “denounced the speech by Israel’s representative at the United Nations that was full of lies and deceptive and misleading arguments and overt attempts to distort the facts on the ground.” …

Fatah Praises UN General Assembly on Palestine Vote, Abbas’s Stand Ramallah-based PA Presidency-controlled website of the Palestine News Agency WAFA

in Arabic at 2336 GMT on 29 November carries a report citing the Palestinian National Liberation Front, Fatah as saying that the world’s decision to upgrade the status of Palestine to an observer state at the United Nations is a historical victory for the Palestinian people and heir leadership under President Mahmud Abbas who represented the people’s will with courage and wisdom.” The report cites Fatah Spokesman Usamah al-Qawasimi as saying that the 138 countries that voted in favor of the resolution “is a world recognition of our Palestinian people’s firm rights on their land and an international legal condemnation of the occupation state.” The report cites Al-Qawasimi as saying that “Fatah and the Palestinian people thank the countries that voted in favor of Palestine and hopes that the countries that rejected the resolution or abstained from voting would regain their political and ethical sense of responsibility and reassess their negative stands on our people’s rights,” adding that “history will not show mercy to governments that stood against the aspirations of their people and chose to tip the balance in favor of their interests with the occupation state at the expense of the Palestinian people’s freedom and independence.” …

Palestinian Prisoners Call on Palestinian Leaders To End Division After UN Vote Ma’an

in Arabic at 1803 GMT on 30 November carries a report citing the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails as congratulating the Palestinian people on the “Palestinian victory at the United Nations,” and “called on the political forces, particularly the Fatah and HAMAS leaders to start implementing the agreement on national unity,” and translate the formulas agreed upon into a practical solution that will serve the Palestinian people’s future and their cause that was negatively affected by the division.”

Fatah Lebanon Branch Praises Palestinian UN Victory Ma’an

in Arabic at 1758 GMT on 30 November cites a statement issued by the Fatah Movement in Lebanon as saying that “Palestine has triumphed and with it the free world while racist Israel and its allies that support terrorism that is implicated in murdering our Palestinian people have sustained a major defeat.”

News Agencies Report on Gaza Celebration of UN Palestinian State Vote

A report datelined news agencies at 2234 GMT on 29 November says that hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip staged spontaneous marches to celebrate the Palestinian victory at the UN General Assembly and that “Palestinians carried Palestinian flags and the banners of all the Palestinian factions and banners on which was written “Palestine 194″ in reference to the fact that Palestine is the 194 th state at the United Nations.”. ..

Haniyah Welcomes UN Vote, Reiterates Right To “Liberate’ All of Palestine Safa

in Arabic at 1040 GMT on 30 November carries a report citing “Isma’il Haniyah, prime minister of the Palestinian government in Gaza, as saying that the state of Palestine’s getting the status of a UN non observer state at the United Nations has come to crown the victory of the resistance in the Gaza Strip on the basis of rejecting concessions or relinquishment.” The report cites Haniyah as saying in a speech before the Red Cross premises in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike as saying that “his government welcomes what took place at the United Nations while we remain committed to the firm strategy of liberating all of Palestine from the ocean to the river and from the east to the west of Palestine.” …

Arab League Official Calls on Arab Countries To Help Palestinians Financially WAFA

in Arabic at 2331 GMT on 29 November carries a report citing Ambassador Muhammad Subayh, Arab League Assistant Secretary General for Palestinian and Occupied Arab Territories Affairs, as congratulating the Palestinian people on winning the status of a non member state for Palestine at the United Nations, “reiterating the Arab League support for the Palestinian efforts to end the Israeli occupation and establish an independent and fully sovereign state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital,” adding that “the time has come for Arab generosity to become manifested at this stage by providing the Palestinian Authority with a financial security network to enable it to confront the siege that it will face over the next few days in terms of financial and economic siege, expansion of the settlements, and perpetuation of the judaization operations in the holy city.”

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  1. As for Canada, I am surprised that we joined the US in its initiative to prevent Palestine from obtaining the non-member observer state status. It’s evident that we appreciate Jewish culture, the Jewish Film Festival was one of the most advertised events in Vancouver last month and there are many other opportunities to celebrate the Jewish traditions but it doesn’t mean we always have to take Israel’s side and the future of the Palestinian people should also be our preoccupation.

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