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  1. Permafrost is melting in Arctic, that people can visualize as temp goes up, the sea ice is melting and stuff like that but what few recognize is that permafrost extends under large shallow edges of Arctic Ocean and holds like a lid extremely large quantities of enough Methane to drive Earth Extinction.
    Water is truly amazing in its capacity to hold heat, latent heat and has amazing capacity to hold Earth climate for life.
    But the system is broken and it turns out water ice crystal has capacity to trap global warming gas Methane within matrix.
    A Matrix of sediment on shallow Arctic Sea floor is in decay..
    link to arctic-news.blogspot.com

  2. The video talks about the release of carbon dioxide from the permafrost. It is my understanding that it is mostly methane that is trapped under the permafrost, not carbon dioxide. Methane has a much stronger greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide, but eventually breaks down (unlike carbon dioxide). See, for example:

    link to guardian.co.uk

    The Guardian article talks about “carbon dioxide equivalent”, but the greatest greenhouse effect is due to the released methane.

    • Tycho, The Guardian article to which you refer and UN Framework Committee on Climate Change belittle situation.
      The Guardian article mentions the 1700 Billion metric tonnes of carbon held in permafrost but speaks like that is the end of it. It isn’t -It isn’t even close. -Of that land based permafrost holding 1.7 trillion tonnes carbon it’s approximated that perhaps only 2.7% will be released as methane emissions and that mostly from biological decay processes involved mostly from breakdown of frozen peat and organic dusts in pond bottom type environment. On the other hand the article fails to mention the fact permafrost extends to vast shallow Sea floor and lays under pressure and temp conditions decaying, melting..
      Some additional 1700 Billion metric Tonnes of pure Methane with global warming potential 105X that of CO2 (by mass at 20years from release) are presently releasing from sea floor from East Siberian Arctic Shelf and km wide plumes are hitting surface as ocean temps have risen above what keeps sea floor stable and methane ice from melting along with the permafrost layer there which has acted as a lid on things..
      Here is description of situation in video produced by scientists who know what they are talking about. link to arctic-news.blogspot.com
      Pay particular attention to the words -We DO NOT Like What We See.. “-Absolutely Do Not Like What We See..” From the Russian scientist who has been going on expeditions year after year since the 90s to study Methane release from Arctic sea floor..
      Pay particular note of size of potential release happening..

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