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  1. As I wrote (in 1980), “Societies are elastic; changes in social and political behavior have a way of snapping back into an older pattern after 5 or 20 years.”

    I don’t think there were any big changes in imperial behaviors in this case, it’s just that perfect coincidence of Washington group-think running in exactly the same ruts as it was 25 years ago.

  2. Real irony here is that the opponents of the Red Army and Soviet-backed puppet regime in Kabul were financed by the Chinese as well as the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. The Marxists were ousted and a new Afghan government composed of the warring ethnic factions and warlords led the

    After the Taliban captured Kabul in 1996, the Soviets then financed the same warlords (the “Northern Alliance”) that brutally killed thousands of Red Army troops from 1979 through 1988. After 9/11 both the U.S. and the Soviets backed the Northern Alliance.

    Gulbuddin Hekmyatar, a key warlord that was funded with hundreds of millions of dollars in Saudi and CIA finding during the Red Army occupation, was targeted with a Hellfire missile from an Apache helicopter of the U.S. Army that missed in 2002 and he subsequently offered a bounty on American troops. Hekmyatar remains at large to this day and his followers are allied with the Taliban an al-Qaeda interests.

    I remember in 1985, a number of the Afghan warlords were in the Oval Office for a photo op with Reagan.

    The State Department has never understood some nations are not ready for democracy – they are pastoral and patriarchal – and Afghanistan is the clearest example of this. Its people will trust a warlord before a “democracy” controlled by Soviet or American-influenced leaders.

    • All that smoke and thunder, all those myriad plays and feints and fails in the Great Game, accomplishing exactly what? The Krupps made a killing arming the idiot players 1900-1918 and after, and now a quarter of the world’s wealth is dumped into the more “advanced” equivalents of the Maxim and rail gun (the old-fashioned type, link to youtube.com, and here’s the “modern” version, link to engadget.com) and Fokker DR.1.

      Meanwhile, the planet starts to smoke and choke, yet the few who get rich off the idiocy live out their large and pleasant lives without the tiniest care about “le deluge” that they know is likely to descend after they, personally, are dead, gone and beyond retribution. Not that the attitude is anything new or different — link to engadget.com

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