How Lance Armstrong’s Lies & Doping are Just like Climate Change Denial & CO2

Understanding how performance-enhancing drugs raise the odds of success in sports helps us understand how dumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere raises the chances of heat waves:

It is the same form of reasoning in both cases.

This analogy also helps us understand how the lies of Big Oil-backed outfits like the Heartland Institute about climate change are very similar to Armstrong’s pattern of lies. In both instances, tactics used include smearing critics and threatening whistle-blowers. Likewise, Big Oil has its minions lie about the performance of the climate and smears climate scientists.

(Video by Kirk Westphal, Westphal Associates LLC. Sponsored by Graham Sustainability Institute, University of Michigan. )

2 Responses

  1. Problem is, that too many Congressmen want to drive their [gas-guzzling, CO2-spewing] SUV’s to the fund-raising parties where they can re-fuel for their next campaign on money from BIGs (such as BIG-OIL, BIG-COAL, [BIG-ZION], [BIG-ARMS]).

    These Congressmen don’t have TIME to learn about (or become fearful about) climate change. They are really, really too busy staying with the program, which means constant fund-raising.

  2. Earth is going over the top with Abrupt Climate Change set on course to cement hard core CH4 Runaway global warming lock in.
    That needs human input in extremely large and directed manner to undo at this late date.
    Ref: Entire Page at Arctic News including: link to

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