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  1. Causes of the Deficit and the Debt:

    1. The Federal Reserve, a private corporation that basically controls money/finances illegally. Both President Kennedy and his brother Robert wanted to nationalize the Federal Reserve, but they were assassinated. Perhaps the Kennedy’s were trying to be honest and represent the 99% of Americans.

    The Fed caused the 1929 Depression. Any doubts, watch the 26 minute video: “International Banking Cartel (II)”.
    link to knowingtest.blogspot.com Thanksgiving Day present to all real Americans by some intelligent and wise individuals.

    2. Congress, the Castle of Millionaires. Half of Congress are millionaires, the other half soon to be millionaires. Solutions: New requirements for public office, elected or appointed: no millionaires and no legal educated individuals(except for justices). And, take the money out of politics. Congress relates to and represents the rich!
    The doctors, lawyers, bankers, politicians, executives, Congress members, etcetera don’t deserve any special respect nor such outrageous salaries. Let them start working respectfully for their salaries. Bonuses are crap. All the crises are proof that they have NOT earned the bonuses nor the salaries. No more lifetime health plan for Congress members.

    3. The damning and ruinous Military Industrial Complex – investment businesses of the billionaires, millionaires and Congress members which is destroying America and the world. The MIC makes sure that “all countries” have the latest weapons to fight stupid, illegal wars endlessly.

    4. Bailouts – giving billions to the owners and executives of banks and corporations that were meant to help the stricken American workers and their families.

    5. Corporations and companies that have closed down thousands of factories by manufacturing off shore. Of course Congress, the millionaires approved giving these corporations the okay to move offshore and the hell with the working class.

    6. Other financial aid to oil companies, to humongous food produces, not to small family farms or companies.

    7. Biased legislation by the Food & Drug Administration to maintain the giant food and drug corporations control over food and drugs.

  2. Just happening by, an like it’s of course not going anywhere..
    It’s an internal combustion engine based on ‘Fossil’ fuel use.
    (Barack turns and looks at me like I’m a nutcase)
    -It really is cool to have an electric bike like the one here.
    I call it my stallion cause it is has a frame too big for me.
    but it’s a kit on a bike and the company making is US as much as I could find.. Used it more than my pick up last year, make that two years.. It uses electricity and is very fun to travel the paths, and trails and roads and alleys and stuff..
    So I’d say perhaps it’s time to ditch the internal combustion.
    And think outside the box because that is when Earth can live.
    We have taken her to the brink and that needs fixing with fun.

  3. Cute cartoon…and I don’t entirely dispute its point, but the issue seems to me more to be an intentional warping of the US economic system than a breakdown. The Neo-Con invasion of Iraq was marvelously profitable for a handful of military-industrial CEOs and got Bush-Cheney reelected. The accompanying bank-mortgage company theft that produced the 2008 recession was also marvelously profitable for a handful of bank and fund CEOs. Indeed, corporate profits generally are quite healthy (which has almost nothing to do with jobs or wages). The economy is not broken; it has been hijacked by a cabal of the super-rich and their paid political lackeys (who whine about “balanced budgets” to conceal GRAND THEFT ECONOMY). To return to the cartoon, it’s not so much that the engine broke down but that its fuel was stolen.

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