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  1. But that doesn’t matter to the gun nuts. They have their amendment rights & that is more important to them & theirs than a child’s right to live.

    It doesn’t make sense but hey, the Americans aren’t the smartest group of people I ever met. Some of those who have continued to fight against some sort of gun control still don’t get it & never will.

    When some of these idiots were interviewed by Piers Morgan I couldn’t believe some of the stuff that came out of their mouths. It was like they had left their brains some where else.

    I am sure Harper would like us to go the way of the Americans. He did remove the Long Gun Registry & the NRA is lobbying in Ottawa.

    Guns kill people. It is that simple. If there is a gun around & it is fired at some one they have a good chance of dying. If the gun wasn’t there the victim might have a better chance of survival because you can out run some one with a knife but you can’t out run a bullet.

    I don’t see anything changing in the U.S.A. even if there a dozen more mass shootings. All they will do is want more guns.

    I wonder if the children of the U.S.A. could file a Human Rights complaint with the U.N.

  2. Give me a break. How in the hell can this organization even put a stamp on how many children have been killed by US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan the US government does not even count them or acknowledge these deaths and if it is indeed 6661 (which has to be much higher) how horrific that this has taken place with little to no MSM coverage of these numbers. What did our government and our military learn from Vietnam, don’t count their dead, never show pictures and just act like it did not happen. And the majority of the American public seem to love not knowing. It would seem that it would be far more appropriate to compare children killed by firearms in that period of time in individual countries. Odd comparison. Some weird twist put on the value of American children killed by guns vs children killed by the American military. Really odd

    • Kathleen, it’s referring to American troop deaths. Try reading

  3. Thank you for addressing the number of children our WMDs and guns have killed…as we bring “democracy” to the world at large.

  4. 12/1995 NY Times: As many as 576,000 Iraqi children may have died since the end of the Persian Gulf war because of economic sanctions imposed by the Security Council, according to two scientists who surveyed the country for the Food and Agriculture Organization.

    119,079 deaths since 1979 = approx 3,608 a year. gun homicides have been plummeting in this period. The enemy of the good, is the perfectionist do good-er.

  5. Numbers like these are nearly useless without proper perspective. I would like to see a break-out showing what percentage were known felons or associates of known felons, as well as a break out of which shootings involved a permit-holding citizen. Keep in mind, most of these numbers don’t specify whether or not the shooting was legal or whether it involved a law enforcement officer.

  6. Yes, but these children were already born. Only the unborn deserve protection by the government.

    Once born, we cannot let a child feel dependent on Big Brother’s protection from firearms. They will only grow up to expect free birth control and, y’know, stuff.

    The obvious solution for this situation is to make abortion illegal, so that we can prosecute schoolhouse shooters if they murder an unborn child. Then we make sure the schoolhouse is full of pregnant teachers and students by destroying sex ed in America, defunding Planned Parenthood, and defeating Obamacare — OF COURSE.

  7. You’re all missing the point. The Right believes that inferiors are to be punished and superiors are to be rewarded, as in ancient times. Punishing all gun owners is thus wrongly egalitarian. The violent property owner enforces morality. The violent poor are the source of all problems and must be punished again and again, relentlessly, collectively, until they act like a fantasy of happy darkies in old Dixie. If they resist, all Good Americans must buy guns and join in the effort to double down on the punishment, even if it means hundreds of thousands dead. God will reward us if we do, just as He rewarded the ancient Hebrews for slaughtering those He wanted slaughtered.

    Therefore, all the children killed by the Good Americans by accident or anger are simply a necessary sacrifice to restore God’s sacred hierarchy, just like everyone we’ve gotten killed in overseas wars.

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