Omar Khayyam (162) “Be happy, since once you’re upset it goes on forever”

Be happy, since once you’re upset 
it goes on forever–
as stars move into conjunction 
in the sky, it will go on.
The brick they will one day 
mold from your clay
will be lodged in the portico
of someone else’s palace.

Translated by Juan Cole
from Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat, [pdf] Whinfield 162

3 Responses

  1. reincarnation, sure

    but it’ll take a
    billion ages or more

    don’t count on it.
    better to grasp

    this life, fully.
    when you consider

    all that it took,
    to get here

  2. THANKS. I really needed that reminder today.
    Helen sends me your translations on occasion. Today she hit my sorry spot.

  3. the world of dew
    is a world of dew
    and yet, and yet (issa)

    thanks for these translations. maybe you could rig it so there’s an audio track of munir bashir & nouna el hana playing when you open the top page…?

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