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  1. I have only 3 words for the despicable Mitch McConnell, who led the GOPTeas to a historic unrelenting number filibusters:

    Go Ashley Judd!!

  2. Yes, Kat!I’m saving my pennies now to contribute to her upcoming campaign.

  3. Please allow the Senate to work for the next
    four years. Everyone knows about your little meeting to stop Congress from working and stop helping the country to grow but only how you could prevent President
    Obama passing any bill that might help the peple

  4. Obama’s critics on the Left, correct though they were on specific issues, completely refused to consider why McConnell was so afraid of Obama.

    It’s not Obama, it’s the implications of the growing multiethnic coalition that votes for him. Leftists are pissed that he can get that coalition with his wishy-washiness.

    But maybe there’s something more ugly at work, and since I slag right-wingers for racism every day of my life I might as well spread it around.

    Leftists hate that coalition for not sharing their (and my) hatred of capitalism. I think as early as the counterculture era you could see the gulf between white radicals and non-whites who wanted their slice of the American materialist pie, not to blow it up.

    So now the white Left faces their horrible, utter, absolute failure to win over more than a few of their own race into volutarily giving up its wealth and globally oppressive power – but they only blame blacks and Latinos for reproducing and consuming and not worshipping Dennis Kucinich.

    But those are the people you’ve got to work with, and you never really tried. If there are any white radicals in the future they will be the heirs of Occupy, not academic Marxism or the Green Party, and even they can’t seem to reach out to the minority vote that is the only thing holding back the redneck zombie army.

    • Noticed Sen. McConnell absented himself from the Inaugural Ceremony today, and Sen. Lamar Alexander substituted. Will be interested to learn what excuse he offers for his absence. Go Ashley Judd!!

      Also, I hope public pressure continues to mount on Sen. Harry Reid so that he significantly modifies the Senate’s filibuster rules.

      • Yeah, the neo-Confederate behavior is getting more obvious with the GOP’s deliberate snubs. The problem for Ashley Judd is that Kentucky is the same state that voted in slippery neo-Confederate Rand Paul. They must want the 19th century back awful bad, and the capitalists are rewarding them for it with union-busting car factories and white flight.

        However, as a radical I think that it is the fate of American capitalism to get so in bed with Zionist and neo-Confederate extremism that they will all drag each other down into hell. Problem is, that hell is called the Second American Civil War, and we will all be there in it. Other radicals are completely in denial about this possibility. In fact, they hate the federal govt. so much that they seem to fantasize that they can make common cause with the militia right. They focus their hatred so entirely on the capitalists and Pentagon that they won’t accept how much those bastards share with tens of millions of ordinary bigots, and how easily they could all come to work together (a la Franco, Pinochet, Suharto) to create a society vastly worse than the current national security state.

        It will be the coalition of minorities at home and the outraged outside world that will bring this monstrous regime down. No help from the currently fashionable Left.

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