Global Warming is a Domestic Crisis (Cole at Truthdig)

My column is out at Truthdig entitled “Global Warming is a Domestic Crisis”


“At a time of continued unemployment and Republican assaults on workers’ rights, the climate crisis may not seem like a pressing bread and butter concern. However it is vital for the president and his allies in Congress to remember that those Americans most defenseless against extreme weather and natural disasters form the backbone of the Democratic Party.

That is the only conclusion one can draw from the draft of a new federal study on global warming’s growing impact on the United States. Those who stand for workers and the middle class, and for the rights of minorities, women and the underprivileged in our increasingly unequal society, are facing yet another epochal struggle. The carbon dioxide being spewed into the atmosphere by the coal, oil and gas corporations threatens the well-being of the 99 percent on a whole range of new fronts.

Climate change is provoking more and more drastic weather events. Residents along coastal regions are at risk both from more violent storms and from a projected 3- to 4-foot sea level rise over the next eight decades. The enormous storm surge caused by Hurricane Sandy is an example of these new threats. Hurricanes require warm water to remain active, and Sandy fed off of high Atlantic temperatures in waters that have historically been much colder.”

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5 Responses

  1. To give a stark example of the deleterious effects of global warming is the decimation of the Peary caribou in Nunavut, Canada. These include the chain of islands in between Yukon and the North Pole and constitute some of the coldest and most remote areas of the Earth.

    The Peary caribou have survived during the non-summer months by eating plants that exist underneath snow. With te advent of global warming the snow covering the plants melts and then re-freezes as ice, making the plants inaccessible to the caribou. As a result, the caribou are dying from malnutrition and scientists are observing and noting large numbers of caribou carcasses littering the region.

  2. There is a strong need — if the DESPERATE URGENCY of opposing climate change be well understood by everyone — that scientists (who must act cautiously when they act AS scientists) should act robustly when they act AS citizens, abandoning caution as to absolute certainty in favor of caution in face of massive threat and great uncertainty — including uncertainty of how great the threat is.

    I touch on this problem in this essay.

  3. You’re absolutely right. This (global warming, and the state of the environment in general) is 1000 times more dangerous than ‘terrorism’ ever could be. We need to stop drilling and killing and try to bring all nations and people together to face the greatest challenge humanity has ever encountered. Save Our Planet!

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