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  1. To clarify, neither the NDAA nor Congress put an outright ban on Obama transferring any of the 86 innocent Detainees out of Gitmo.
    It just takes a lot of work, work that Ambassador Fried wasn’t up to, and neither apparently is his Diplomat-in-Chief.

    • An outright ban on spending money to do X is, de facto, an outright ban on doing X.

      Have you ever had any involvement in the management of federal grants? If you aren’t allowed to use federal funds to do X, you are not even allowed to do X in a building whose utility bills are partially paid with federal funds.

  2. Obama lost this fight. Guantanamo is going stay open for as long as the war goes on. Closing this office is the acknowledgment of a political reality that happened years ago.

    This moves the fight to ending the war. We need an exit strategy not just from Afghanistan, but from the war against al Qaeda, for Gitmo to close.

  3. We need to give Guantanamo Bay back to the Cubans. It will remain an eternal temptation to do something wrong. For America, Guantanamo Bay is the same thing as the guy trying to give up smoking but who keeps a pack of cigarettes hidden away. As a country, we are not mature enough to deal with that temptation.

  4. It would be nice to be able to remark on Dr. Cole’s Google+ postings, as he posted this item. Hearing people laughing (even if it was a laugh track) about this human rights violation sort of made me sadder than I was today. Nothing amusing about this prison, and what it says about America’s hypocrisy on its “values”.

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