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  1. I have watched this skit about five times and every time I laugh harder. SNL nailed it and this is a breakthrough even though it did not make it on and some boring skit on the Superbowl blackout did. This is huge for Lorne Micheals who has made sure that Israel or the I lobby have never been criticized in a humorous way on his show for 40 years. Daily Beast has one up about how the ADL is spitting nails about this skit even making it up on the internet. The times are a changin

  2. But today during the Senate Committee hearing Graham went all soft on Hagel nothing like the ass he was at the last hearing. I don’t think he even mentioned Israel. He did mention Iran numerous times. Several of the other Republican Senators called Hagel “cozy” with Iran. Senators Nelson and McCaskill did a take down in response to that hooey

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