Stop the Great Coal Export Conspiracy! (Greenpeace)

Greenpeace USA explains: Big Coal plans to get around Environmental Protection Agency restrictions on toxic emissions by just shipping the coal abroad to countries that don’t care about the environment. And, they’re planning to use taxpayer money to do it.

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One response

  1. The State of the Earth is such that emissions reductions won’t stop progression of temperatures to Runaway CH4 release.
    Not on their own at least. We need to pull existing gasses of greenhouse at large out of the Atmosphere and shield North Pole. Otherwise CH$4 will unleash in such proportion as to annihilate the living organisms that make up the living Earth.
    The Aluminum in making just one coal car for the coal removal is vast stretch of forest in tropic removed and gas emissions.
    The value of money is the shadow of fallen forests and SEA.
    The value we have for the future of life including kids today.
    Please consider this and address climate change in Politics.

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