Israel-Palestine at the Oscars: Amy Goodman’s interviews on 5 Broken Cameras and the Gatekeepers

Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! has been interviewing the makers and subjects of Oscar nominees for best documentary, including the Palestinian film “5 Broken Cameras” and the Israeli one, “The Gatekeepers.” They are in remarkable agreement that the Likud government’s dedication to colonizing the Palestinian West Bank is a disaster for all concerned, including Israel.

The interview on 5 Broken Cameras, pt. 1:

and Part 2:

And here is the segment on “The Gatekeepers”:

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  1. The Palestinian who filmed “Five Broken Cameras” was detained at LAX for a period of time by INS officers until Academy Award attorneys could secure his release. Michael Moore was giving Twitter updates on that situation.

    “The Gatekeepers” tells the opinions of the six surviving former Shin Bet chiefs of how the Israeli political right wing has sabotaged the peace process for purely selfish political motivations. These opinions are nothing new; several years ago four former Shin Bet directors issued a joint public statement urging a diplomatic solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict and arguing that Israel was losing its character as a free democracy due to the severe nature of security that was being imposed by the Israeli government.

    Usually the Best Documentary Oscar nominations garner little public attention however these two nominees have gotten quite a bit of media coverage. There are other lesser-known film critic and movie industry awards that have a best documntary category that these two fine productions are likely to receive nominations.

    • This year might be seen as a tipping point about what you can say about Palestinians in Hollywood, a liberal gatekeeper town and certainly a gatekeeper town on Israeli issues.

      The Lobby is under siege on both coasts.

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