Carter: Guinea Worm parasite on verge of being wiped out (Cenk Uygur)

Cenk Uygur interviews former president Jimmy Carter concerning his imminent complete eradication of the deadly guinea worm:

This extremely impressive achievement of Carter and his Carter Center is one that I have discussed at some length in the past.

Let’s just recall that some former presidents go around speaking for large sums, whereas Carter in his post-presidency has achieved an enormous amount of good for people.

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3 Responses

  1. Haste makes waste. Even deadly things can contribute great advances in science and/or medicine. Yes, remove it from afflicting people and animals but save the animal and gene pool. Just saying.

  2. I sure wish these interviews were captioned so I could understand them.

  3. I wish Jimmy Carter had had a second term. The whole world can be grateful for all he has done as a former president, however.

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