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  1. So are the parts of “industry” that are getting “disrupted” by the externalities from the other parts of “industry” going to do anything about it?

    Anything effective, that is,other than capitalizing on the “opportunities in volatile change,” that might have some positive effect on the crap that’s hitting the rest of us billions who have not mastered the art of extraction, externalization, and that privatize/socialize thing in a big enough way to be immune to the horrors of our profits for at least the length of our lifetimes?

    Anyone think Tony “I wanted my life back, and now I got it, so screw you saps” Hayward, BP’s Gulf Man, gives a slug about it? Ho, lookie here! Lands on his feet in a bed of roses in where? IRAQ? link to forbes.com

    Anybody else getting mad yet?

    • Jtmcphee, maybe someone will create a mutual fund that specializes in taking advantage of the disruptions caused by climate change, so that even small investors can enjoy it.

  2. Off topic and a detour to sanity or an expressway to insanity
    At 34.50 Rumi meets Shams
    link to youtube.com
    (If you want the cruelty to diminish, strive to intensify your love) Rumi

  3. Mann, a very careful and skilled scientist, has a defamation lawsuit going against the National Review for disparaging his work. Wish him well.

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