Global Warming is making the Arid Middle East Even Drier, threatening Water Wars

Middle East is getting drier because of climate change, impelling people to replace lost rain water with underground fossil or aquifer water that cannot be replaced. From 2003-2009, enough of this aquifer water was permanently drained off to meet the needs of 100 million people. Some Middle East specialists are afraid that wars over water are the next big thing in the region.

Aljazeera English reports::

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  1. This should be nothing new (though obviously very serious).

    While it is a fall-out from GLOBAL WARMING, it is more intrinsically a fall-out from non-action-to-reverse-global-warming, caused by the control over governments of the global giant capitalist corporations and banks (I call them part of the oligarchy) — see this analysis. The capitalists are wedded to growth adn to growth of use of fossil-fuels and, of coruse, don’t give a darn about people, any people.

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