Lebanese Soccer Team, Coach Assault Referees after Penalty Called (Video)

A Lebanese soccer/ football referee is quitting after having been assaulted for a call he made on the field at a match last weekend in a game between al-Nahda and Al-Salam Zgharta. He says he felt his life was in danger, and is resigning in an attempt to force Lebanese sports authorities to put in more protections for referees.

The attack, captured by a local Lebanese television station, has become an internet sensation.

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2 Responses

  1. Having officiated at only the teenage level, I never felt threatened, but I sure earned a lot of criticism for my bad calls.
    I trust they even out, over a game or a season.
    Refs aren’t there to always make the right call, just as police aren’t there to prevent all crimes. Both are acting as symbols of something in our better nature.

  2. In US, children starting at age 8 learn to respect coaches and referees, and more importantly learn that it’s just a game. They experience shaking hands with the opponent after the defeat. Replace this people who think soccer is their only chance to a comfortable life who are told to respect the referee at age 18 and this is what you get.

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