Overcoming Woman-Hatred in Afghanistan: 3 Stories

In honor of International Women’s Day, here is a short documentary on women in Afghanistan, focusing on three women who have achieved something in recent years, after Taliban rule was overthrown. The Taliban state was perhaps the most misogynistic in world history, which is fancy way of saying that they absolute hate women.

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5 Responses

  1. How many women have drones killed? Oh right, the US government can’t be bothered with counting civilians casualties. Nonetheless, the are really, REALLY concerned about human rights…as long as you’re not talking about them.

    It’s really easy to accuse the OTHER side of atrocities…

  2. Lovely film, very positive – but why the hateful prejudical introduction above it – regarding the Taliban? ( Are those Mr. Cole’s words?) This is not a story about the Taliban and their psychological wounds as in African nations that have been brutalized then brutalize women. Love the film – think the words above are the usual “don’t miss a chance to paint them savages” propaganda. Not needed for this film

  3. “… perhaps the most misogynistic in world history …”

    Sounds like an exaggeration to me, but I’m no historian.
    I imagine history includes some pretty brutal societies.

  4. Imagine never being allowed to leave your house and painting all the windows black so you can’t be seen or look out at the world around you. That is an abbreviated life of a woman under Taliban rule.

    I fled Afghanistan recently because of the brutality of the men currently. They have come along way, but still have a long way to go.

    Thanks for sharing. I used to teach women in Afghanistan, and there is a lot of hope for a better future. However, the complete social dynamics need to change, starting with the family.

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