Palestinians Protest illegal Israeli Theft of Water Rights

Palestinians staged a protest march on Wednesday to protest Israeli denial to their villages of their water rights. Israelis now take 80% of the water from the Palestinian West Bank and each Israeli gets far more water per day than each Palestinian.

The Israelis coerce the Palestine authorities into arrangements whereby Israeli squatters get the lion’s share of water.

PressTV reports:

Diminishing the rights of an Occupied population to basic staples like water is a stark contravention of the 1949 Geneva Conventions.

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5 Responses

  1. Given that Israeli apartheid is not given a second glance, I doubt the American public will ever be informed of yet another terrorist act committed by the our so-called BFF in the middle east.

  2. The Oslo Accords gave the Israelis control of the water and they did not prohibit settlement building. I cannot understand what the Palestinian negotiators were thinking.

  3. Palestinians staged a protest march on Wednesday to protest Israeli denial to their villages of their water rights.

  4. The “Civil Administration” administers the West Bank; its is a subdivision of the Israeli Defense Ministry that basically orders around Palestinians by regulating their conduct via travel permits, building permits and the like.

    Before the Palestinian Authority was created it had much broader powers. However this Civil Administration is completely autocratical and its orders are enforced by IDF soldiers. It goes to Arab residences and notifies occupants that their home will be demolished in 15 minutes while IDF soldiers brandishing rifles stand behind the CA representative.

    The Civil Administration is headed by an Israeli general and its geographic subdivisions are led by IDF brigade commanders. Arab civilians have no say in the rules, orders regulations and how they are enforced. Military tribunals are administered by the IDF to prosecute Arabs for serious crimes but Jewish settlers have access to civilan courts within Israel.

    The Gazans threw off the yoke of the Civil Administration and martial law by inducing PM Sharon to withdraw in 2005.

    Probably less than 1% of all Americans have ever heard of the Civil Administration or understans how it operates, but the Israel Lobby and ourAmerican media surely inundate our airwaves with broadcasts on the “terrorist acts” committed by Palestinians in resistance of the imposition of the Civil Administration.

    Dissolve the Civil Administration and violence in the West Bank will drop off dramatically.

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