Qaddafi’s Arms Flooding Middle East from Libya

The UN is concerned that unsecured weapons stockpiles from the depots of the late dictator Muammar Qaddafi are flooding into Africa and the Middle East from southern Libya, where the new, elected government exerts little control.

Aljazeera English reports

Obviously, the Libyan government with the help of neighbors and Europe, ought to be buying back the weapons itself to keep them off the smuggling market. Just condemning the weapons trade is not going to accomplish much.

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9 Responses

  1. This has always been a problem.

    The Council on Foreign Relations journal “Foreign Affairs” had an article in the 1990s that described the unregulated flow of small arms in the black market as a major source of terrorism, insurrection, and other unwanted violence in the world.

    The international black market for small arms is lucrative and the most effective way to combat situations such like that which has occurred in southern Libya is implementing a program that makes it worthwhile for those who have these weapons to turn them into the government in exchange for financial incentives.

  2. Dear Professor Cole

    Well of course the Brits and the French and the Americans should be buying in the Libyan weapons they didn’t secure and transporting them to whatever brand of private army they support this week in Syria.

    This apparently is reported as the activity being undertaken by the unfortunate US Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi when he died.

    link to

    If we look back to Paris 1870, we find that the Commune was the result of the Mayor of Paris arming the citizens so we watch in fascinated horror to see where this latest blunder will take us.

    Heavily armed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or a myriad of small islamist groups in the countries surrounding Palestine?

  3. Juan said, “Just condemning the weapons trade is not going to accomplish much.”

    So true. I’m humbled by this statement.

  4. Shows what a fool that man in the White House was to listen to Power, Clinton, and Rice. We had a deal with Gaddhafi and should have stayed out.

    • Gadhaffi had been sending weapons to sub-Saharan Africa for decades. Charles Taylor’s rebels fought with Libyan-supplied weapons. So did Foday Sankoh’s.

      Considering that “deal” to be just fine, but the proliferation of Libyan weapons not through the Gadhaffi state apparatus is not?

      • Yes, let’s only focus on one little thing at a time. There’s this place called Zaire, and this place called Angola — and of course the “Grown-ups” had Very Good Reasons for doing what they did, including, if I read right, “weapons.” Lots of them… to support “CONTRAS,” which these days are called “terrorists” or “insurgents” or something.

        “CIA Covert Action in Zaire and Angola: Patterns and Consequences.” link to


        “The US and the War in Angola,” link to

        And a whole lot more. And of course there are now only a few actual “sovreignties” left on the whole planet:


        And a whole bunch of Really Important Planning described in documents like this:

        link to

        One big happy family…

  5. …factories all over the planet, large and small, churning out weapons of all kinds, from itty-bitty 5.56 bullets, cases and primers to depleted-uranium-toxic-and-radioactive cannon rounds to, well, tanks and jets and bombers and of course drones and their armaments. All paid for by involuntary levies on ordinary people, involved happily or stupidly or against their will or without their knowledge in the dirty, murderous business of Milo Minderbinder’s “Syndicate,” link to, and “Wild Bill” Donovan’s excitements and Allen Dulles’s strata-gems. “And everyone has a share.” Gee: How did Qaddaffi *GET* all those “arms” in the first instance? Or Saddam? Or pick-a-dictator ™?

    Nice thought, the momentary concern about “regulating the arms trade.” The supply is relatively low-tech and low-cost, it’s easy to generate and thus almost infinite. The appetite for violence appears as unlimited as the one for sex, and you can rent or buy human bodies with sex organs of your choice anywhere on the planet, despite or with the connivance of, the best efforts of the “puritanical,” who are so often found with their body parts where theoretically they should not be…

    All of this enables the actors in and apologists for the Great Game to keep on doing what they so enjoy. You got any ideas on how to stop people with sexy guns who’ve passed that threshold of having killed other humans to put away their toys and give up their power over others? C’mon, be real — that stuff is too exciting, too much dang FUN!

    (By the way, I think those scary-looking alloy pods are just, and I use that “just” advisedly, auxiliary external fuel tanks for various attack jets — what they call “drop tanks.” Not even napalm canisters, like were so popular in my little war…)

    • Oh, and for the Great Gamers who apologize here, who have all kinds of carefully constrained and studied notions as to how there’s any kind of structure and order and grandeur and plan to all the crap that really goes on. How about how well all those effing CIA guys and other sneaky petes are doing, “dealing” with the latest set of uncontrollable idiocies they have been playing with in “the Middle East.” Look here, folks, at what’s being reported about what’s going on in and around Syria, or whatever that area will be in the future:

      link to

      Stuff like this:

      link to, and a whole lot more…

      Syria Comment is a running blog, so I’m just pointing to the stuff that’s dated from say 3/24 to this point. These CIAholes who “facilitate” and “support” and “encourage” and think they have any kind of control of anything other than their little local deals and scams… NOT. How is our vaunted set of Secret Squirrels going to tell the rest of us this is what they PLANNED, what they MEANT to have happen, just like,, oh, IRAQ and NOTAGAINISTAN and soon, coming to a theatre of operations near you, AFRICA! Waiting on the bland assurances of the Wise about how this is all under control…

      Maybe it’s time to kick out the Reaally Wise Experienced Players and try something else? Nah — they’re too, ah,, “embedded,” aren’t they?

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