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  1. Although our generation is the most self-centered & self-indulgent this country has seen, yet there are still great Americans among us. I have hope.

  2. Good to see they are getting support. I’ve eaten at that restaurant. Good food.

  3. To the vets — Seriously, and without the phony emoticons that accompany the phrase when breathlessly offered by Our Fellow Americans who maybe have gotten rich off of or maybe suffer mindlessly from predatory capitalism and the other slow deaths that accompany the decline of Republic into Empire:

    Thank you for your service. For being model citizens, and for remembering that oath thing, that sounds like the one our ruling Pigs up on the porch, sharing cigars with the other Overlords, take, apparently with their little forked toes crossed, the one about “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…” link to dailymail.co.uk

    Thank you.

    • “To the vets — Seriously, and without the phony emoticons that accompany the phrase when breathlessly offered by Our Fellow Americans….”

      Don’t flatter yourself by suggesting that your gratitude to the vets is more sincere than that offered by other Americans, Mr. McPhee, even those Americans with whom you disagree. Your consistent attempts to elevate yourself above those with whom you disagree reeks of moral hypocrisy.

        • “McPhee writes as a combat vet from Vietnam.”

          Many of us write as vets, RBTL. Most of us just don’t trumpet the fact.

      • He’s more of a hypocrite than bastards like Cheney who got deferments and then sent others to die and kill? There’s millions of people out there whose hearts are as wicked as Cheney, all of them waving US flags when we go to war, and then a few even talking secession when they think the federal government is spending too much on feeding the poor.

        Stop with the moral equivalence crap when it comes to neocons. They use this country like a pimp uses a whore.

        • Cheney, Super390? What has Cheney got to do with it? His consistent attempts to portray himself as morally superior to all those with whom he disagrees is hypocrisy in its own right, Cheney notwithstanding.

  4. Boy is this is going to piss off the “kill Muslims for Jesus” crowd on political message boards all across the Internet

  5. Good story, Juan, but it’s more than a year old – from Jan, 2012. BTW, I’m a Veterans for Peace member; and have learned a great deal from your website. Keep up the good work!!

  6. McPhee is correct. There is nothing heroic about being a spear carrier for the empire. And yes, if we really took our oath to the constitution seriously (like Bradley Manning did), we would have refused to follow a whole lot of orders . . (For those of you who do not know, Article Six, Section II states that all treaties signed by the U.S. are the law of the land. This includes conventions against torture, the UN Charter, the laws of land warfare, and much else. Military orders that contravene these are illegal and may not be obeyed.)

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