Jim Carrey: Fox ‘News’ is “A media colostomy bag… a public health issue” (Video)

Comedian Jim Carrey has hit back at Fox Cable News for its campaign of defamation in the wake of his release of a video parodying gun nuts. Carrey described the notorious far right wing propaganda organ as:

“a media colostomy bag that has begun to burst at the seams and should be emptied before it becomes a public health issue”

I’d say, too late for that.

Cenk Uygur reports on the Fox Cable News meltdown over Jim Carrey’s parody:

The original video that provoked the controversy was at the Funny or Die Website:

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6 Responses

  1. The host said one thing that always boggles my mind, that Jim just wanted attention. Well, if that’s true, and if you oppose him, why are YOU giving him any attention? These guys must be missing an irony gene

  2. This has even a quite creative, clever text. The first time I see Jim Carrey do something more than just pull silly faces.

    I also like the interpretation of gun nuts as paranoid loonies in an anxiety state.

  3. Becoming the target of a coordinated vituperative Faux[NOT]News witch-hunt can only be construed as the highest accolade for expressing rational thought. Congratulations & Kudos to Jim Carry for achieving that recognition and for a really funny video!

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