Chechen Jihadis Reject Tsarnaevs (OSC)

The USG Open Source Center translates a reaction from the Caucasus Emirate Islamic insurgency on the news that the Tsarnaev brothers are accused of the Boston Marathon bombing. The CEII casts doubt on their guilt and also on the plausibility that these are jihadis, given their internet profiles at Russian-language sites. It does not claim them. For more on the CEII, see this 2011 article at the Middle East Policy Council

Chechen jihadist website reacts to identification of Boston bombers
Friday, April 19, 2013
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Text of a report in Russian by Chechen rebel internet news agency Kavkaz-Tsentr; subheading inserted editorially

The story of the Boston bombings is gaining greater and greater prominence. After the US government announced the suspects to be two natives of Dagestan, apparently, ethnic Chechens Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnayev, interest in the Russian mass media in the Boston bombing grew sharply.

Articles are coming out one after another with various types of allusions, and several commentators have begun to mockingly poke at the USA with their profuse talk: “Look, now (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (Syrian President Bashar al-) Asad are laughing at the USA, which is supporting the terrorists in Syria.”

Meanwhile, the story of the brothers itself remains very complicated, although it is hard not to miss the PR component of all of this.

For example, the name of one of the “terrorists”, who is by the way only 19 years old, as if it was ordered, is Dzhokhar [Ar. Jawhar, i.e. gem, essence, also a 20th Chechen nationalist], an easily recognizable “brand” that explicitly ties the “perpetrators of the terrorist act” in Boston to Chechnya.

… It is still not clear what happened with Tamerlan Tsarnayev, why did the shoot-out start. Reports that the brothers attacked the police, stole a car and did many other things, rather than lay low and wait, seem strange at the very least.

The US authorities have said that they are searching for the surviving 19-year-old youth.

Blast suspects’ background

By the way, about the brothers. They practically did not live in Chechnya, and the younger one was actually born in Kyrgyzstan. From there they immigrated to the USA. Judging by Dzhokhar Tsarnayev’s VKontakte page, he appears to be far from the image of an “Islamic terrorist”. He described career and money as his main credo. And besides, he had visited his page on the Russian social networking site literally just a few hours ago.

On the website of the Cambridge School (Cambridge Rindge & Latin School), where Tsarnayev studied, says that in February 2011 he won the title of “athlete of the month”. Such famous people as (actors) Ben Affleck and Matt Damon graduated from this educational institute.

As for his older brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnayev, as it became known, started training to become a boxer and was preparing to become a member of the US Olympic team.

According to his personal statements, had Chechnya not received independence, he would try to become a member of the US team rather than the Russian team. This information is included in the profile of the Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts centre, where he was training to become a boxer.

Tsarnayev’s photo gallery also says the same. He said that he would sooner become a member of the US team than the Russian team. The boxer added that so far he could not make it to the national team, because he did not have US citizenship, but he hoped to receive it in the future.

During his conversation with a photographer, the sportsman said that he was ready to become a member of the Chechen team only if it (Chechnya) becomes independent.

Tamerlan Tsarnayev had been living in the USA since he was five years old. He studied engineering at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston.

The Americans found his YouTube page, where he accumulated videos that he liked. It is interesting that one of the videos that Tamerlan Tsarnayev liked was “how I converted to Islam and become a Shi’a”.

The Americans have already concluded that Tamerlan could be linked to “Al-Qa’ida”. Apart from the video on Islam, one of the videos was devoted to the Black Flag anarchist organization. According to the Mother Jones portal, Al-Qa’ida was the alleged protector of the member of the Black Flag.

Meanwhile, foreign correspondents trying to phone Chechnya have reported that (Chechen leader Ramzan) Kadyrov’s spokesperson had turned off his phone. He did not want to speak with journalists about the Boston events.

There is one interesting detail. The Economist’s Moscow correspondent, Joshua Yaffa, recalled that earlier this week, Putin’s Sport Minister (Vitaliy Mutko) said that the blast in Boston was a wake-up call for the upcoming (2014) Olympics in Sochi. This is yet another linkage with “terrorists in the Caucasus”.

(Description of Source: Kavkaz-Tsentr in Russian — Prominent North Caucasus jihadist website, reportedly close to rebel ideologist Movladi Udugov and frequently carrying original statements by senior rebels within the Caucasus Emirate Islamic insurgency; URL:; operates multiple mirror and Arabic-, English- , Ukrainian-, and Turkish-language versions of the site)

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8 Responses

  1. “Tamerlan Tsarnayev had been living in the USA since he was five years old. He studied engineering at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston.”

    This is inconsistent with the information that the family emigrated to the U.S. in 2002. See for example

    link to

    Given that both the statement of the CEII and the WikiPedia article are hastily written, it’s not clear which (if either) is correct. I have heard the 2002 emigration date from other independent sources.

    • “Anarchists are generally atheists.” Maybe how the term is used today. But Al Queda and similar organizations fit both the organizational and political profile of anarchism to a ‘t’. It is loosely organized, does most of its work through underground cells and, and its ultimate (political) goal is replacing existing governmental structures with an Islamic caliph. Because they don’t have the strategic thinking or patience to build popular movements, like the national liberation movements in Africa and Asia after WW2. Al Queda types, like all anarchists, are doomed to failure. They use violence indiscriminately with the notion that they can trigger brutal government repression against their own populations and that this will lead to a popular rebellion. In reality, anarchists end up alienating those they are trying to revolutionize. Irish killing Irish. Muslim killing Muslim. They die out never reaching their goals. Seeing Al Queda or similar groups as primarily religious obscures their true political nature and distorts the fight against them.

      • it’s very clear that the link from mother jones is not refering to an anarchist group, but an islamic one.

        it’s also clear that you have no idea what anarchism is. an “islamic caliph” would kind of go against the fundamental anarchist principle of abolishing authority.

        i suggest you learn about what you’re writing about first before going off on wild rants.

        link to

    • Anarchists’ ideal is a world without states or authorities. So they cannot be trying to establish a caliphate, because that is a religious state.
      Anarchists can be communists or capitalists. They can be religious or atheists.
      Leo Tolstoy and Dorthy Day were Christian anarchists. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was a Muslim anarcho-pacifist known for his non-violent resistance to British rule in India.

  2. “It is interesting that one of the videos that Tamerlan Tsarnayev liked was “how I converted to Islam and become a Shi’a”.”

    I had already mentioned this earlier here. Tamerlan leaves a disparaging comment in Russian underneath the youtube video addressing its author for his/her conversion as a Shi’a, highlighting a Sunni Islamist extremist streak. Interesting the Chechen Jihadis twisted and exploited this in their conspiracy narrative to serve their agenda in disowning the Tsarnaev brothers to deflect attention from them or their ideology.

    There’s a lot of other false info/denial/delusion/deception/assumptions and irrelevant nonsense above by the Chechen Jihadis, be it on the family’s identification with Chechnya, regardless of where they were born or migrated to, their tactics and the situation (being in a gunfight instead of laying low when the entire country is looking for you), Tamerlan’s alienation (regardless of his wish to fight for the US struggled in understanding ‘American friends’), Dzhokhar’s online profile having more than just career and money by displaying some extremist content, etc.

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