How Corporate Media Consolidation has Corrupted our News (Democracy Now! Interview)

Democracy Now! interviews the maker of “Shadows of Liberty,” a new film about how the concentration of ownership of news media in fewer and fewer corporate hands has corrupted our news.

Excerpt of interview:

“JUAN GONZÁLEZ: That was the trailer for Shadows of Liberty. The film’s director, Jean-Philippe Tremblay, joins us now in Denver. He’s a London-based filmmaker, originally from Quebec. His past films include Journey and Rock Bottom Fill. But this is his first feature documentary.

Welcome to Democracy Now!

JEAN-PHILIPPE TREMBLAY: Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to be here.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Why did you decide to do this film?

JEAN-PHILIPPE TREMBLAY: We decided to do this film with DocFactory and the Bertha Foundation because we’re dedicated to independent media. The goal was really to make films that change the world. And it became obvious to us that the media is one of the most, if not the most, important subject that we need to deal with today. And that’s why we made the film. I mean, really, we wanted to honor journalists, not only in the States, but from around the world, that are dedicating their lives to bring us truths that we need to hear, about power, about governments, so that citizens can make the right choices for their lives, for their families, and hold power accountable. So that’s why we made the film.”

DN also interviews Robert McChesney on how capitalism is turning the internet against democracy:


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