UN, Host Countries, Running out of money for Syria Refugee Relief

The United Nations is warning that the vast scale of the Syrian refugee crisis is straining the resources of the UN, Jordan and Lebanon.

Jordan has over 400,000 Syrian refugees, who are straining its water and other resources. But their number is set to triple by the end of 2013, to over 1 million!

UNICEF is also warning that it is rapidly running out of money for Syrian refugee relief. Aljazeera English reports:

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2 Responses

  1. Cynically, one wonders what Mad Maddy Albright would have to say about this, whether the cost in human lives is worth the efforts to ‘free’ Syria from Assad and his government. Assad, reportedly, sort of expected this, a demonstration of the effects of ‘freedom’ on the people, freedom (and the gaining thereof) being not as pleasant as living under his authoritarian regime.
    Interesting to note that Bashar is a medical doctor with a specialty in ophthalmology, the latter courtesy of the Brits. One wonders about the existential views of a medical practitioner with experience in the Syrian army coupled with a perspective gained from living among those who operated on the Middle East with such surgical precision as to make Frankenstein’s monster look utterly adorable. Assad’s vision might just be a little keener than the do-goody-two-shoesers and their surrogates in the efforts to further ruin another part of the Middle East.

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