If you Love the Earth on Earth Day, Close a Coal Plant

Dirty coal is killing us and killing the earth. Here is a short documentary.

Coal plants produce a lion’s share of carbon dioxide poisoning of the atmosphere, causing rapid global warming. In the case of the US, they are responsible for fully 40% of our CO2 emissions.

The single most important thing you can do for the earth is call your utility company and pressure them not to use coal, and lobby your city to develop its own solar installations, and put solar panels on your roof.

Close all the 600 coal plants in the United States and you’d dramatically reduce our 500 billion metric tons a year of CO2 emissions. (The supposed good news that our emissions have fallen from 6 to 5 billion metric tons annually is laughable, since 3, 4, or 5 billion tons a year will still radically alter the earth. We need to get it down to sustainable levels and hydrocarbons like natural gas cannot do that!)

Environmentalists should think strategically. As bad as a tar sands pipeline might be, coal plants are far, far worse. We should put all our eggs in one basket and target coal for extinction within a decade.

The solar industry already employs more workers than are in the coal mines.

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  1. Things have accelerated concerning global warming since 2010 when the documentary was made, specifically here are Arctic methane levels for period 2009 to 2013 in side by side pictures from Jan 24 approximately.
    link to arctic-news.blogspot.com This article also has picture of methane increase over entire Barents Sea area.
    Also in time lapse by elevation increase shows hint – methane over Antarctic at altitude also. Which subsequently became strong. The situation is methane is freeing as warm water melts it from ice form that holds it in sea floor increasingly.
    Time is of the essence to try and stop this but no one seems to care- They are off showing movies about closing coal plants down on Earth Day in the year no action was taken to shield the Arctic from incoming radiation while there was time to do so. Here is plan not done. link to a-m-e-g.blogspot.com But as can be seen plainly January 2013 started off with a bang of methane release in Barents Sea..
    There are Trillions of tonnes of Methane held in methane ice
    and unless we can stop it somehow from release Earth is over

  2. Also learning about fracking–methane emitted during the process is 20+ times more harmful to environment that C02. Also, it poisons our water.

    • Really? We have to be mercury-poisoned and cooked because 100,000 might have to change jobs? Capitalist America shifts people from job to job all the time. How many people now work in Blockbuster Video stores?

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