13-year-old Iranian Girl Sings Adele’s ‘Someone like You’

For a different view of Iranian youth than the images of anger and menace most often purveyed in US media (as Rami Khoury rightly argues):

13-year-old Iranian girl sings Adele’s ‘Someone like You’. h/t Youtube & Reddit.com

By the way, apparently Google News does not index Lebanon’s Daily Star, since I couldn’t find Rami’s article there. Weird.

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6 Responses

  1. Put her on X Factor, with the recording technique used in that show, and we’ll have an even much better surprise. Quite a voice, but most of all so much feeling and rendering for an only 13-year old. I wish her the best in her singing career.

  2. I’m Iranian myself, my family came to Toronto when I was 12. She is really talented. As you say, wish this kind of image was broadcast more often

  3. heh, including Adele’s accent! like how some Brits start singing and suddenly they’re from Texas :) this is great.

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