Palestinians Displaced again, to Camps in Lebanon

One of the horrible things about being stateless is that you are a flying Dutchman, never assured of being able to live in your own home. Being stateless, you have no state and no citizenship in anything. It means that you don’t have firm title to your own property, because you have no access to the courts (which are foreign).

The instability of refugee life is demonstrated again by what is happening to the families who were forced out of what is now Israel and who fled to Syria, are now being displaced yet again by the war. They are fleeing to Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Aljazeera English reports:

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  1. Palestinians must set up an international government and assume any human being on the face of the earth as its citizen. In fact we can have several competing international governments that provide equal rights to all people of the world. A locality can decide to be under the umbrella of the international government it chooses. Then there will be justice and peace on earth.

    • Following 1967, the West Bank came under martial law and later the “Civil Administration”, a division of the Israel Defense Forces ruled the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

      The Civil Administration issues its annual report and functions as the day-to-day governing body of the Palestinian people controlling every aspect of their lives. Its director is a brigadier general in the IDF and the West Bank is carved up into military districts each headed by an IDF colonel who is in essence a military governor of his district – that colonel is the most powerful political figure within the district and soldiers under his command set up checkpoints and ensure those Palestinians using roadways have their papers in order and ensure there is no untoward activity occurring.

      The Palestinian people have no say in how the Civil Administration operates nor do they elect the military tribunal members that try their children with an almost 99.7% conviction rate by Israeli prosecutors.

      It would be a gross understatement to suggest that the Palestinians do not like the Civil Administration. There were mass celebrations in Gaza in 2005 when the CA withdrew from Gaza. There were similar celebrations among Palestnians when the IDF miltary district commander of Judea was killed in a shooting in 2004.

      The Civil Administration is quite unique – it has operated for decades in the West Bank despite the fact that it is non-democratic and completely unpopular as well as constituting an occupation in violation of international law.

      • Thank you for this clear and useful explanation. There is no reason that an international government can not appear advocating the rights of the Palestinians. For now it can be in the form of a labor union without assuming the right to any act of violence.

  2. In January, President Abbas said he asked UN chief Ban Ki-Moon to seek Israeli permission to bring Palestinian refugees from Syria to the West Bank and Gaza. Abbas said he was told Israel would agree to this if those resettled refugees would sign a statement giving up their right to return to Israel. Abbas rejected that deal saying, “it’s better for them to die in Syria than give up their right of return”. Israel and the UN said none of this happened.
    My guess is that Abbas made this up in order to look tough on the right of return. Last November, Abbas outraged Palestinians by publicly waiving his right of return.
    Anyway, the West Bank and Gaza cannot afford to bring in refugees.
    So, politics and economics are stronger than any bonds that unite the Palestinian diaspora.

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