Alabina, “Habibi ya Nour el Ain” (Music Video)

Some Spanish lyrics, some Arabic. In medieval Arabic poetry this genre was called mulamma`at.

Alabina, “Habibi ya Nour el Ain,” rare version

As This source points out,

“The mulamma’, “patch-work,” or “macaronic” poem, composed in alternate lines or couplets in two or more different languages, has no separate form, and will be more suitably considered when we come to speak . . . . the classification of poems according to matter.”

For a long time, after Arabic stopped being cultivated in Spain, the recorded Arabic/ Spanish mixed poetry was misunderstood as just Spanish and the Arabic thought nonsense words like hey nonny nonny.

Lyrics & translation here

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3 Responses

  1. wikipedia, for the blond singer…

    “Eti Zach was born on 10 November 1968 in Kiryat Atta, near Haifa and was raised in Israel. She was born to an Egyptian-Jewish mother and a Moroccan-Jewish father, both of Sephardic heritage, who had immigrated to Israel earlier.

    she sings in Arabic, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian, and English; in addition, she says she “half-speaks Moroccan”.

    Thanks prof. great tune.

  2. Prof. Cole,

    Thank you much for posting this, on various accounts. From many angles, this is the symbiosis it all can be looked at from, at least from a southern Spain view– Andalucia, in particular. Time ago, used to loath these type of tunes;
    link to
    as endless laments as I perceived it at the the time.

    Now, I know better. Decades later Sarkozy was expelling Gypsies from France, no?, European Union citizens from Bulgaria w/ the right to live and work in France. Unbelievable. Like, we can’t learn from history. “Porque me culpas en la cara … por ser morena Gitana … ” Oh, and there’s something to those doors and windows sealed off w/ the bricks, not just MTV video-ness …


    Amsterdam; Netherlands

    PS: Other happier links, same tune initially as you offered, different YouTube “mix” and other string following, and other related;
    link to
    and, you go parse down the different ethnicities, religions, races, music, languages and God knows what else from something like this. Woah!, the richness of it all;
    link to


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