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    • So true JamesL, all we get fed on TV and other media is fear laden, we never get to see the good stuff about these countries. We need to look beyond the bad and see the good. What a wonderful eye opener this article is.

  1. What does the Arabic text on the black screen at the end say?

  2. Very nice! We are all the same, and this video illustrates the fact. Who can possibly have time to hate, life is very short, and life is all we get.

  3. Las imágenes de los centros comerciales no son de Bagdad, sino de Erbil. Se trata de una mezcla de imágenes de Bagdad (donde se aprecian los muros de separación) y edificios modernos de las regiones de mayoría kurda. En Bagdad las mujeres van todas con velo (por las milicias sectarias), y en Erbil no.

    • Rough translation of Spanish comment: ‘The images of the shopping centers are not of Baghdad, but Erbil. This is a mix of images of Baghdad (where you see walls of separation) and modern buildings from Kurdish-majority regions. In Baghdad women all go around veiled (due to the sectarian militias), and in Erbil they do not.’ Apologies for any errors.

  4. Nice. I bet a lot of people would be surprised at how this short film depicts how similar we are. It goes against the grain of what the mainstream news agencies show us on a nightly basis.

    • You want the ‘mainstream media’ to go around shooting people walking in the street and having coffee? I’m sure they don’t do that because they’ve been ordered by the murdoch empire to show only suffering in iraq, because that would show how much of a disaster the iraq war was. Oh wait.

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