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  1. Yes the graphs tell the story. Minnesota is a place where 4 million people can not only literally walk across water they can even drive across it too. I bet that no one in South Carolina can do that.

  2. Could not kill an ant but just put a log that would be his home into a wood stove, just made coffee that came from place where forest, natural forest once grew. Talk of cars being bad for the world but have a car and a pick up and fly places too. Talk of riding electric bicycle but ride on asphalt roads and trails that were once forest and grassland. -So with a grain of salt I say: But with this as a reality check really:
    Hunt the last antelope on the edge of the desert while the Arctic is melting and methane release is starting in earnest.
    Check out the geography of the Arctic Sea basin and extent of methane starting to self release and the heat up going on. There is no denying what is going to happen and quick; and the sands of the desert and the winds. They won’t care. Picture what God would think of using pick ups and Cheetah to hunt the last gazelle on the expanding desert. And think of time.

    • And think of the coffee overflowing from coffee machine onto acrylic counter in a kitchen. A place that will likely become obsolete as food price keeps rising as Earth’s systems die.
      And Earth shifted to line outside of habitable zone where life had held it with her open systems of Nature. And think what a person who wants to change this could say to make it so. Because I can’t. I an about a zillion others if they knew what they were facing. But I can’t . I need to talk physics now and thermodynamics but to an audience the likes of which is not listening who are largely emotionally driven right now. -What can I say. except that I feel sorry for the little guys and the situation so unbearable to watch really.

  3. that’s my kind of sport.
    Chase wildlife in a jeep, then loose a fast Cheetos cat to kill it.

    Don’t even spill my beer.
    what a country.

  4. I am betting that the hunters released the cheetah in the open desert. Why else would a gazelle be walking around in an open sands desert?

  5. If years of watching David Attenborough on TV have taught me anything that’s no deer being brought down by that well-trained cheetah. Looks like an African antelope of some sort. Don’t think there’s too many deer grazing in the arid regions of Saudi Arabia…

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