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  1. NO WORDS! MORTAL SHAME on us Oklahomans who do NOT support this awful person–we are the minority in Oklahoma. I never understood that because we have so many poor people in Oklahoma who could use/do use all social programs they can find–they have no idea how/where that money comes from. Most is due to ignorance but too much is due to their own greed. And no, I do not hate my state…I love my home state.

    Proud, but ashamed, Oklahoman, who dreams of a better day in our state!

  2. Inhofe is not only one of the most ignorant members of the senate, he is a total hypocrite, claiming on Tuesday that federal relief for tornado-ravaged parts of his home state will be “totally different” than a Hurricane Sandy aid bill he voted against late last year. My question is, do the majority of Oklahomans subscribe to his form of hypocrisy and, thus, reveal themselves to be hypocrites as well?

    • Every American thinks that he is productive, and every other American who is too different from himself is a parasite. But most Americans don’t have the fanaticism to do anything about it, so the resentment is usually harmless. Unfortunately, the exception is now ruling much of the land, in defiance of all statistical evidence about whom the actual parasites are. Look at any study that quantifies the amount of economic activity produced per $ of various government activities, including tax cuts. The GOP never mentions those.

      When you get to the point when your movement tries to eliminate public universities and schools just because teachers as a class give money to your opposition, or it tries to invent new wars just to justify cutting social programs associated with rival races, or it even tries to pass election laws as convoluted and racist in their impact as Jim Crow laws, you probably will be willing to consciously demand that spending be skewed by double standards so as to destroy entire regions of the country that you hate. It’s just civil war carried out by cowards and bullies.

  3. What the Oklahoma Senators are not addressing is the amount of money that their state actually does get from the Federal Government year after year. We know that everything is “OK” in Oklahoma when it comes to tax considerations on oil among other resources, i.e., recipients of front-loaded corporate welfare. They are also on the dole for various other Federal programmes that put it in the top fifteen (for the year reported) in terms of Federal assistance overall.

    The state’s economy has been based on petroleum for about a century and a half or so.
    link to digital.library.okstate.edu

    The state enjoys benefits from depletion allowances.
    link to legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com
    link to thinkprogress.org
    link to americanprogress.org

    The state is also the beneficiary of other Federal asssistance, putting it at 14th (out of 50) reported at the end of 2012.
    link to texaspolicy.com

    Yes, Senator Inhofe, Oklahoma does get some Federal help. Is this the reason “why” you feel some humility about asking for more for Moore?

  4. Professor,

    On an unrelated note, I was just wondering (er, hoping) that you would have some comment regarding Obama’s speech on the use of drones this afternoon.


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