“If you Eat a 2000 Hamburgers in the Name of Vegetarianism, You aren’t an Extremist Vegetarian”; Nabil responds to Woolwich Murder

Nabil goes in: A British Muslim responds to the Woolwich murder in which Lee Rigby, 25, of 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was butchered by clearly unbalanced persons. Our hearts go out to the Rigbys.

h/t reddit.com, where it went to the top today.

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6 Responses

  1. In Syria recently a child was allowed to cut of the head of a captured Syrian soldier and in another incident a man is seen cutting out the heart of another captured soldier and eating it. No one in England was particularly exercised or bothered by this. However, when one considers that the terrorists who perpetrated this horror are being armed and supported by are own idiot foreign secretary, William Hague I wonder why one appalling act of genocide which my Country supports is some how different to the attacks in Woolwich, London the other day.

  2. Could you please, Mr Wilson, direct me to any direct evidence of your assertion? That the UK armed the people (child) who you say carried out this war crime?

    I think the video is pure sophistry. We, the West, are at war with a particular ‘brand’ of Islam. Regrettably.

  3. Jonst, please, you’re not “the West”! I’m as much “the West” as you are and I’m certainly not at war with any kind of Muslims. In fact, being a Spaniard, I would rather be at war with Catholicism, the faith that has hurted me and my country. And not with Catholics themselves, a wide collection of very different individuals.

    Everybody knows “the British” have been messing around the Middle East, Afhganistan,Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc. for over 200 years. Yes, “the British” are arming assasins everywhere and ignoring the consequences and not accepting the blame they deserve for their track record and their present day “activities”. I won’t bother to offer you evidences. thay are all around you and if you don’t see them it is only becasue you don’t want to.

    They’ve attacked and invaded Iraq, a country that had not attacked them. A bold aggresion and a unforgivable crime.

    I watched a video left by one of the 7/7 suicide bombers. He said “You’ll call me terrorist, you’ll say I’ve killed innocents…But I am a soldier. I’m doing what your soldiers do everyday to my people. They’ll say that people has no responsability for what their government does, but they have voted and relected them after their crimes… etc. etc. “. It’s difficult to argue that logic.

    I can’t condone or accept the killing of anybody. It’s heinous and fundamentally wrong. As the saying goes, if we keep taking an eye for an eye, we’ll all end blind. It’s the rationale for trying to stop madness. But I can’t accept how Westerners ignore their past historym, the atrocities inflicted to so many innocents all over the world yesterday and today. Michael Moore summed it up very well today on his twitter with a very British sarcasm: I’m outraged that we can’t kill people in other countries withour them trying to kill us…

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