Renewable Energy in Marrakech: Solar Water Pumps & More (Video)

Morocco has enormous solar and wind energy potential and plans to get 40% of its electricity from green energy sources by 2020, only 7 years from now.

This documentary explores the potential of clean energy in a country with loads of wind and sunshine, estimating that it could produce 2000 times as much energy as it now uses. Morocco has no hydrocarbon resources of its own to speak of.

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    Well I think that the problem is someone different. Americans are somewhat less than 5% of the world’s population yet they consume 25% of the world’s resources. Ok we know that multimillionaire is going to comsume more resources than a millioaire who will consume more than someone who is affluent who will consume more than someone who is middle class who will cosume more than someone who is poor.
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    I really do not know what the best answer is? Efficiency has its limits.

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