On how Rightwing Israel-firsters don’t actually like Jews: Glenn Beck’s Nazi Bloomberg

The wingnut psychopathology of Glenn Beck and many other hyper-conservatives doesn’t prevent them from being lionized in the media, turned into millionaires by media corporations, and having their own media (“The Blaze”) taken seriously on television. Meanwhile, we ordinary everyday liberals are considered by the corporate media to be too controversial to put on the air.

One of the more profound contradictions in wing-nuttery is an absolute idolatry of Israel’s Likud government combined with a lightly veiled contempt for American Jews and their liberal values. Back in the 1990s the Conservative code word for Jews was the “Hollywood elite”, seen as promoting sex outside traditional marriage, gay rights, gun control, workers’ rights, etc. Go back and look at Dan Quayle’s attack on the sitcom Murphy Brown with Candace Bergen, the real target of which was the imaginary “Hollywood elite.” (Hollywood is actually a diverse enterprise.). Most American Jews vote Democratic.

At the same time, the right wing developed a fascination with muscular Zionism in Israel. They configured Israel as the Alamo of White People, surrounded by barbarian hordes and terrorists. Glenn Beck developed ties to the Israeli Likud Party and was praised by PM Binyamin Netanyahu even though 8 of his “9 most dangerous men” are Jews. He has said slanderous things about George Soros. He characterized the young Israeli protesters for social justice in summer, 2011, as a leftist Islamic Nazi plot. He compared Reform Judaism to al-Qaeda.

Now Beck has compared Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s stances on controlling hand guns and his public health campaign against huge doses of sugary soda to a Nazi salute.

ABC has video

The true friends of Israel are the ones working against the occupation of the Palestinian territories captured in 1967, an Occupation that is deeply harming Israeli interests. For Beck, Israelis are merely Gurkhas for American Empire, and when they decline to serve far rightwing US interests, he is happy to smear them as Nazis.

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  1. It is telling how quickly US conservatives (and liberals) came to see Israel as a strategic asset once it decimated Egypt’s army in the 1967 War and, along with it, Nasser’s aspirations for meaningful Middle East autonomy. (Increased US financial and military support followed soon after that war.) It’s now hard to believe that “In 1961, an article in the pro-Israel US periodical Commentary cautioned Israel to submit its new reactor to international controls as soon as possible and concluded that an Israeli atomic bomb would be a terrible thing because it would show that nothing at all has been done to prevent the spread of that weapon.” link to detailedpoliticalquizzes.wordpress.com

  2. the things that pass for “liberal values.”

    “Liberal” comes from “liberty,” doesn’t it ?

  3. It bears mention that a sizable population of this country believe that in order for their lord and master to float down out of the sky on a white horse with a thousand angels to carry them all away to paradise 2/3 of the Jews, 2/3 of Israel must be destroyed. Blood as deep as a horses bridle, the only survivors to the farthest northwest. These people don’t “love” Israel, they want see it destroyed.

    Some of these people sit in the halls of power.

    No fear.

  4. Here is an example of how quickly right-wing militant Christians reveal their true feelings about Jews:

    link to talk2action.org

    “It all started when several prominent military reformers met with top brass at the Pentagon to express concern about, among other things, the persistent abuse of the rights of conscience of military personnel, especially by “dominionist” evangelicals. These included Mikey Weinstein, head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and himself a USAF Academy graduate and a former counsel in the Reagan White House…”

    “Then Fox News falsely reported (further exaggerated and promoted by Breitbart.com) that a new Pentagon policy, under the influence of Weinstein, could lead to the court marshal of evangelicals for sharing their faith. This was quickly shown to be baloney. But The Christian Post went so far as to falsely report that the Pentagon was employing Weinstein to help make policy. It also attributed Weinstein’s alleged anti-Christian views to his Judaism.”

    It appears that an alliance between two theocracies requires that each have an unlimited right to persecute other faiths within their own turf – even each other’s.

  5. Traditional Israel-critical anti-imperial rightists like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul of course also don’t like social liberal “values,” agreeing with the Arab-Muslim conservative majority on most of these.

    The ADL does not demand Beck leave the air but it did demand
    demand Buchanan be kicked off as well as the Liberty Lobby radio show of the 197OS, BOTH SUCCESSFULLY.

    link to theamericanconservative.com

    link to israeltoday.co.il

    and unluckily, the dominant majority of Israelis, who also don’t like non-neocon traditional American rightists, don’t agree that your (proper) stand against settlements represents friendship. They take a most “right wing” (from an Israeli perspective) stand on imperialism.

  6. “He characterized the young Israeli protestors for social justice in summer, 2011 as a leftist Islamic Nazi plot….”

    While much of the press internationally had been fixated on the putative grass roots nature of the social justice movement in Israel in which Dpahni Leef, a young woman who pitched a tent to protest eviction from her apartment, some were contending that Leef was a figurehead of leftists spearheaded by Dov Khenen a Hadash Party Knessset member in Israel – Hadash is a Marxist political party jointly led by both Jews and Arabs within Israel that regualrly holds a small number of seats in the Knesset.

    The article is: “Communists Confess They Were Behind Israel’s Social Justice Protests” by Daniel Greenfield in Front Page Magazine in its January 21, 2013 edition.

    Here’s the link: link to frontpagemag.com

    Daphni Leef alleged police brutality when her hand was broken in a protest in Tel Aviv in 2012. See the June 23, 2012 Times of Israel article:

    link to timesofisrael.com

    When some media outlets suggested that Ms. Leef was considering a run for mayor of Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem Post reported shortly thereafter in its January 6, 2013 edition that she had been indicted in a Tel Aviv court for a number of criminal charges, including obstructing an officer, arising out of the aforesaid Tel Aviv protest – her first trial hearing had been scheduled the day after the election (but Ms.Leef later indicated she would not seek the mayor’s office).

    Here’s the article: link to jpost.com

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